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Thanks for being a part of the River of Life Concert May 13th. We heard lots of positive comments on the Kim Coslett Band and I personally felt that they did an excellent job. I also appreciate the positive and very accomodating attitude that was displayed by every member of the band. It was a pleasure to have you on the line up for the day. If every group was as easy to work with, promoting concerts would always be a breeze!
Keep up the good work!

John Pohlman
General Manager
KTLI - Light 99 FM

Dear Kim and the Band,

My thanks to you for your time with us this past weekend at Central Community Church. It truly was an evening of praise and comedy. This was the first time I heard you in person. You all are a blessing to Wichita. What a great combination of musicians and ministers. Keep up the labor of love to the body of Christ. I hope to see more of you around town, you clearly have a vital ministry!

Thanks again,
Pastor Bob Ingram

Dear Kim, Gene, Jimmy, Dennis, and Charlie,

I wanted to take this time to again tell you how much we were touched by your music. I know what it means to be in performance, wanting to be used by God in the most urgent way, and feeling His Holy Spirit simply take over and work through you. When this happens, the music is no longer something you are playing, you become the music. God's Holy Spirit takes command and you become lost in His move. You can do nothing more than surrender and flow with His moving, becoming an instrument yourself which He plays to the glory of our Father, drawing those who do not know Him. This is how your music affected my wife and I that day. We were on the second floor searching for restrooms. I waited by the rail watching you perform below while my wife walked on. As I stood there, I felt the music come floating up to me, greeting me and calling me. It didn't seem to originate from anywhere, but to simply be "there", hanging in the air, waiting to be heard. The guitars were crying, sending waves of love to any with ears to hear, and over it all came the beautiful call of the flute, riding the waves of sound, completing the beauty. As we descended the escalator, I simply had to get closer. I could not do anything else but sit and become enraptured in the music and it's message. And then when you played "Love Song" I felt the Holy Spirit more strongly than ever. He inhabited the music, He filled it with Himself and God's glory, and I was touched in a way I have not been in many years. Tears simply flowed from me. There was no conscious thought of "crying"; it seemed impossible to do otherwise. I could only yield to the Spirit and weep. What we experienced through your music was a musical moment in time that will never be repeated. The acoustics in the building were perfect, no matter where you stood. The echoes were clear, crisp, and completely free of distortion. Those who were not there will never know what they have missed......and as I said before, it was a moment in time never to come again, lost to all who were not present or unaware. Please continue your music. God has and will continue to use you in a mighty way. Lives will be touched and souls brought into the Kingdom to His glory.

God bless you.