Church of the Devil's Crusade

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KiddyCadavers, talk about insane! An all out attack on your senses. This Georgia based band does everything from Firebreathing to banging, hanging, bleeding, self-toture, and fetish/bondage/S&M type shows lead with an all out chaos of harmonies, noise and beats thru their 4-man symphony of madness that will blow your mind. Lead singer reverand Vlad Leval takes you deep within the darkness of today's hypocritical, genocidal, close-minded, sterotyping ways of christianity, and shows you the truth. A true leader against the true evil that's destroying America and changing our children to robots, living machines. Backed with a Nightmare of sound created by 3 of the best musical madmen~ LSD-(Lucy Downer)on Bass, the Morg-on guitar, and drummer Cell destroying sound as main percussionist. With an onslaught of keyboards, samples, and distorted percussion and eery effects this band is prepared to lead the war against all that has stomped the word "NEW" into the ground.