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A Baritone Horn Page

Playing the Baritone Horn

1.(introduction)As you know,this sight is about baritone horns.I have been playing the baritone horn for about 2-3 months,and I love it.If you're out there looking for a really cool instrument that is easy,quick and fun,this is the instrument for you! 2.(history)The baritone horn was invented by the creator of the saxophone by around 1790.At first it consisted of glass rods which were stroked by moistened fingers to make sound.Over the years,it has "evolved".You can read about what it looks like in the next section. 3.(appearence)The baritone horn can be described as a mini tuba,but with a higher range of notes. It has three valves,and the bell on the top is curved. It is about three feet in height and has a mouthpiece which you blow into to make the sound. 4.(care)The baritone horn does require care. You should oil the valves at least once a week and grease the tuning slides about once every two weeks.Every month you should disassemble it and run water through it.Next you should wipe it with an old rag with soap on it.Finally you run water over one more time and set it aside to dry. 5.(playing)I suggest you enter a school or take private lessons to learn how to play it.Here are some of the basics, though.You should sit on the edge of a chair,with your back straight,but your shoulders relaxed.Now blow into the mouth piece.Experiment in front of a mirror and find the most effective way to blow into the mouth piece and make good sound.Rest position is simply to lay it across your knees. 6.(practicing)You should practice thirty minutes a day and 210 minutes a week.Find a nice quiet spot where you won't be distracted and where you won't distract anyone else.Try to stay on a schedule. 7.(finish)Thank you alot for coming to this website,and I hope you will play a little better.Those experienced in playing,please send me tips at again! bibliography-http://alcor.concordiacara/%7Esmw/kcb/english/istruments/baritone.html

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