The HN guys have released a helluvalot of CD's over the years!

Disclaimer: this is information i have collected from various sources: either i own the CD myself or I know someone who does. If information is missing or wrong, feel free to email me with the details and i will gladly change them. Australian chart positions by Arianet

Thanks to: Maria Legovich:Troy Emmerton:Sally Henneker

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You got it (also known as Got it goin' on)
Australia:Released 25 March 1996: Highest chart position:19
Germany:Released 1997

This single is now extremely rare in its Australian version! However, It's not so difficult to get a German version: look out on e-bay and on brilliant 2nd hand records site Netsounds

German tracklisting:

  1. You got it
  2. Sleeping Alone
Australian tracklisting:

Tellin' Everybody
Australia:Released 15 July 1996: Highest chart position:30
Germany: Released 1997

This single is dead rare too, but still available in it's German version.

German tracklisting:

  1. Tellin' everybody
  2. Party (feels so fine)
  3. Tellin' everybody (on the floor)

Australia: Released 14 October 1996: chart position:6 (27 weeks in the chart, and a platinum award!)
Europe: Released 1997
UK: Released 28 April 1997: chart position:

The single that really got them some atten-SHUN in Australia, and their first UK release. In the UK it was released to coincide with a support slot on tour with Eternal.
Australian tracklisting:
  1. Wishes
  2. Last Christmas
  3. You Know
  4. Wishes II
A combination of these tracks seems to appear on most releases: but the European releases often contained "Sleeping Alone" instead of "Last Christmas". There was also a second UK CD featuring remixes by Carl McIntosh.

Don't Say Goodbye
Australia: Released 10 March 1997: Highest chart position:8

The LE CD contained a calendar: I don't know whether it was released in Asia, but it wasn't released in the UK or Europe.



  1. Don'tsay goodbye
  2. Wishes (AK's comfort zone mix)
  3. September Girl (US acoustic mix)
Remix CD:
  1. Don't say goodbye
  2. Don't say goodbye (peewee ferris remix-radio edit)
  3. Don't say goodbye (peewee ferris club remix)
  4. September Girl (US acoustic mix)

Whisper your name
Australia: Released 21 July 1997: Highest chart position:18
Europe: Released 1997
UK Released 18 August 1997

I seem to have accumulated about 5 different versions of this CD! In Australia a special limited edition 8-track CD was released with a poster and live tracks to celebrate their first proper tour, and the single was released in Europe when the guys were on tour with Michael Jackson.

***The Aussie LE version contains the track "Stomp" (a cover of the Brothers Johnson disco track) live, which has never been released on any HN album. There were many requests for a recording but the guys didn't put it on an album because it didn't sound right. The studio recording is only available on a fan CD that was sent to HN fan club members.***

Whisper your name
Australian Tracklisting:
Limited edition:
  1. Whisper your name (radio edit)
  2. Whisper your name (pee wee's 7" remix)
  3. Whisper your name (peewee's club remix)
  4. Whisper your name (Ignorants master mix)
  5. People get ready (live in oslo)
  6. Stomp (live in oslo)
  7. Wishes (live in oslo)
  8. Tellin' Everybody (live in oslo)
(a 'normal' Australian CD contained Carl McIntosh mixes of 'Wishes' (as on the UK Wishes CD))
Whisper your name UK
UK and European copies contained any of the following tracks:
  1. Whisper your name (radio edit)
  2. September girl (US acoustic mix)
  3. Got it goin' on (you got it) {gigo nuff club mix}
  4. Party (feels so fine)
  5. Whisper your name (Ignorants master mix)
  6. Sleeping Alone
UK and European copies often had Toby and Phil on the front of one CD and Mike and Andy on the other.

Every time You Cry (with John Farnham)
Australia: Released 6 October 1997: Highest chart position: 3 (platinum!)

Everytime you cry
John Farnham may be hardly known here- in the 80's he had a top 10 with "You're the voice" (still played quite a bit here!) but in Australia he's a living legend. HN did this track and toured with him on his 50th birthday tour (where they dropped their trews!). It was one of the most played tracks in Australia in 1997.


  1. Everytime you cry (HN and John Farnham)
  2. Everything is out of season (John Farnham)
  3. You're the voice (swing version)

People Get Ready
Australia: Released 15 December 1997: Highest chart position: 35

The guys covered the Curtis Mayfield track and released it just in time for christmas, ahhhhh.


  1. People get ready (radio remix)
  2. People get ready (a capella version)
  3. All out of love (radio version)
  4. Last christmas (a capella version)
So, covers all round then!

Australia: Released 14 September 1998: highest chart position: 14

"Cruel" was the first track to be released off the 2nd album "Counting Down". (For some reason i only have a pic of the back cover!?!)(ahh, but isn't it lovely?) Not a huge hit, but a lovely, lovely song. And Michael cut his hair. THANK YOU!!!!!


  1. Cruel (single edit)
  2. Without You (LA demo version)
  3. Cruel (album version)
Mind you, the album didn;t turn up until 8 months later....

Last to know
Australia: Released 22 March 1999

Last to know

Still no album (mastering problems?) and the guys give us this funky thing: equally as popular in it's remix version as in it's normal version. Promo CD's were sent out with only the remix on it. The space age video..... mmmmm, yum. (think the lads dressed in Riley Finn style Initiative wear...)

This was released on 2 CD's in Australia: a CD with calendar and extra tracks, plus a remix CD.


  1. Last to know (radio edit)
  2. She's Taken my words
  3. Ride Away
"She's taken my words" was the theme song to Australian romcom movie "Paperback hero"

Don't cry
Australia: Released 12 July 1999:Highest chart position: 5

Don't Cry

Not the most obvious choice for a single (by this time, the album had actually arrived!) but still a damn good one.


  1. Don't cry ( US radio remix)
  2. What if i said
  3. Last to know (leigh brothers radio remix)
  4. Last to know (discotheque club remix)
  5. Don't Cry (DIY mix)
Bonus:little cuuuuuttteeee mini stickers! yay!

Eternal Flame
Australia:first release 18 October 1999:highest chart position: 8

Eternal Flame

Tacked on the end of "Counting down" was the obligatory near-a capella cover version "eternal flame" which originally was only to be released as a single in Asia. However, they liked it so much they released it twice. At the time of release, HN were performing as the Naturals in arena musical Happy Days. The first release was a simple white cardboard slipcase, but it was released again (in proper case!) with HN-written track "Shake you outta my head" from the musical.


  1. Eternal Flame
  2. She's so gone
  3. Breaking me down
  4. Don't Cry (discotheque club remix)
  5. Eternal Flame (video)
The 2nd release included "Shake you outta my head" as track 2.

Be there with you
Australia: Released 20 March 2000

Be there with you

This was the last track to be released off "Counting down", and was released in 2 different versions: a blue edition digipack, which was a limited edition tour pack, and a red one, which was normal. (Toby signed my digipack! yay!)


  1. Be there with you (radio version)
  2. Be there with you (Patric Berger mix)
  3. Be there with you (trouser enthusiasts' electric ecstacy mix)
  4. Counting Down (acoustic)
  5. Earth Angel (live version)
  6. Don't cry (video)
He don't love you
Australia: Released 6 November 2000: highest chart position: 5
UK: Released 26 February 2001:highest chart position: 18
He don't love you

The first single off the new album "Human nature" and quite a turn in style for the guys. It was written & produced by Westlife producers Steve Mac & Wayne Hector, but was thankfully far away from the slushy ballad. It was also featured on Neighbours when the lads performed at the deb ball.

This was the first return to the UK since August 1997. The single was released a little while after the Neighbours episodes were shown here. The UK video clip featured Holly Valence (Flick from Neighbours) in the shower.

UK Tracklisting:

  1. He don't love you
  2. He don't love you (amen UK club remix)
  3. Wishes (new version)
  4. He don't love you video and desktop picture
The oz radio promo for this track features interviews and radio station intros for the track- interesting!

When we were young
Australia: release date:19 March 2001
UK:release date: 18 June 2001

When we were young
The second release off the new album and another hit for the lads. yay! For the oz fans who missed out on the UK HDLY CD, this featured....well, everything that was on it.


  1. When we were young
  2. He don't love you (amen UK club remix)
  3. Wishes (new version)
  4. He don't love you (UK and AU video versions, screensaver)

When we were young UK cover
In the Uk it was released just after the s club 7 tour in May/June 2001 with this tracklisting:
  1. When we were young
  2. When we were young (studio 347 extended remix)
  3. Eternal flame
  4. When we were young video


Telling Everybody
Australia: release date 9 December 1996: Highest position: 7 (74 weeks in chart, triple platinum)
Europe: release date 1997

The first album from the HN camp supplied 2 years of singles, was in the chart for well over a year, gaining triple platinum status. To date it is probably the best selling album the guys have released.

Telling Everybody
  1. Tellin' everybody
  2. You got it (goin' on)
  3. Whisper your name
  4. Wishes
  5. Something in the way
  6. Party (feels so fine)
  7. Don't say goodbye
  8. Can i do you
  9. Sleepin' alone
  10. September girl
  11. Love unconditional
  12. People get ready
The album is out of print in the UK.

Counting Down
Australia: Release date: 24 May 1999: Highest chart position: 1 (platinum)

It seemed as if this album was never going to arrive-it was due in November, then February, then April, and finally arrived with us in May. It went straight to number one and gained a platinum award in the process. Early birds grabbed a 2-CD version in Australia (mine has fallen apart). This album has never been released in the uk (pity, as it does contain some of their best tracks)

Counting Down
  1. Last to know
  2. Cruel
  3. Mary's Garden
  4. Counting Down
  5. Don't Cry
  6. Depend on me
  7. Be there with you
  8. Bring her back
  9. Send it in a letter
  10. 7 lonely days
  11. Now that i found you
  12. Temperature rising
  13. We can fly away (hidden bonus track)
The bonus CD included:
  1. Everytime you cry (with John Farnham)
  2. Eternal Flame
  3. Last to know (Radio remix)
  4. Last to know (VV club remix)
  5. Cruel (radio remix)
Some Asian versions also contained a track in Mandarin called "Mo mo ai ni" ("Secretly in love with you") with Coco Lee.

Human Nature
Australia: Release date: 4 December 2000
UK: Release date TBC

Human Nature
Third album from the guys and it's a funky one- right from the catchy "He don't love you" to the mid-tempo singalong "Love is a fire". The album was made between London, Sydney and Sweden, and even includes a track written with Gary Barlow (fortunately it's better than some of the stuff Gary's come out with....) Quick word of warning: watch out for "Trash"-its' so funky it's dangerous!
  1. He don't love you
  2. Don't come back
  3. When we were young
  4. It's gonna be a long night
  5. House of cards
  6. Everytime
  7. Whisper your name (the only one)
  8. If i only had the heart
  9. Trash
  10. Baby come back to me
  11. Angel of your heart
  12. Love is a fire


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