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Hi everyone, its been awhile, since I’ve updated…sorry about that. There are a lot of new things going on with the band. 1st and most important news is the new lineup, Matt Ellis (drummer) will no longer be with the band. Shawn, Jeff and Casey have decided to audition new singers, and Casey will be taking over Matt’s position on drums. Currently they are practicing and writing new material. When I spoke with Shawn, his comment on how their first practice went was, “there was more musical chemistry in that room this weekend, then there was ever before.” Once they get ready to hit the road again, they are going to do some shows around home (I guess I will have to make some trips to Buffalo)
I would like to take this time to wish Matt good luck in whatever his future plans will be, I know you will be missed by your fans deeply!!!

Next thing is the Graffix 420 official site has been down for the last month, I was told by a reliable source that the site had been hacked, and they are working on getting it back up. They will be redoing it before putting it up, so you can check in here to find out the latest info (I promise to start updating more) Well I guess that is it for now, if you have any questions about the band you can send them an email at or email me at


Wow, is it April already??? I guess I missed a couple months (must be the blonde in me). But anyways on to the updates...First off Graffix 420 did a in studio Demo, CD...with 6 of their new songs. IT ROCKS!!!!!! As of right now it is not for sale, but you can get a sneak peak, of 4 of the songs on Right now they have been voted the 5th top Alternative song "Stick in the Eye". They are also voted as the #4 unsigned Alternative band. To download the songs for free, and help them by voting for your favorite song you can Click here
You can also check them out at and

January 2001

Ok I can finally spill the news. Graffix 420 have signed a contract with MTV, they will be using songs off the CD for the show "Undressed" and maybe some other stuff. I haven't heard yet for sure if it will be this season, but if it is then it starts on
January 22 @11pm est. I'll know for sure soon. Thank you to Heff for the contact. Check out the new Newsletter for more info Click_here

Welcome to 2001....look for lots of new exciting things to be happening for G-420 in this new year.

G-420 has been hard at work on their 2nd CD....lots of great new on the look out in the near future....I'll keep you posted.

Big news....Blue finally got her new (well new to her) engine in. Just a few more minor things to fix on be watching for that big blue tour bus to be driving through a town near you.


Graffix 420 has made it to #23 on the fmqb charts, check it out here.
Dec.7 they moved up 5 to #18....Go G-420


Look for Graffix 420 songs on Napster, there all out there....also CD's were sent out all over the US to College Radio Stations, so call and request your favorite songs....lets help them make it to the top of the charts.

Graffix will be remaining as four after all, the member they were going to add has decided to stay in his current project.

Graffix 420 cd's will be hitting college radio stations sometime this month, so start calling and requesting your favorite songs. We need to get these guys out were everyone can hear keep calling and bugging......


Word is theres going to be a 5th memeber joining the band, a Rhythm Guitarist....wonder who it could be????

G-420 will be ending their Y2K Tour on December 9th, at the Village, Lancaster PA. They will be taking some time off to work on their new album and get ready to hit the road for their 2001 Tour. Make sure to get out to see them sometime soon. The new member will be making his apperance real soon, be watching for news.