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Name Of The Father
Sit alone in this empty room
Justify the mess I've called my life
Think about the way it should have been
A life of choices with out the fear inside.

A tired man on his forever journey
Choose a path you'll find a way
You'll walk the line between your dreams and darkness
Is this dream or my reality

Time waits for no man greet the maker of your final resting place
Please have mercy you beg forgiveness
Appeal denied on the grounds of hate

The time has stoped I can feel the silence
Is it the end or has it just begun

I see the world thru a tainted vision
The pain I feel is forever strong
Am I a pawn in this wicked mindgame
Or the master of my own demise

They rape my mind , they abuse my body
Took my heart now they want my soul.

Chorus: Can you hear me cryin'
Empty soul is dying
I'll be no more a bother
I pray... In The Name Of The Father

I've seen the blood of a generation
Felt the fear of an angry soul
A wasted time from my youth forgotten
I feel the rage when I close my eyes

Get down on bended knee boy
Sell you soul to the maker of the new sun
Sick of the rat race
Power trippin' when you think I'm getting to close
Wraped up in a nice little package
Straight to the top with an ego in your hand

10 times asked you not to 10 more times i beg you don't
Last time not gonna warn you
Wound me up now you gotta watch me go

You raise your fist you point the finger
One last chance they'll break your back everyday

Chorus: PUSH try a little harder
take a little more
when your kickin' down the big door
makes you feel like a man

One more time you raise your fist you point the finger
One last chance they'll break your back everyday

Shake your moneymaker
Make you feel like you thought you never could
Time to try the only way the only way
You think you'll get thru this
Thru the constant nagging of an overbearing
Wreched beast that gave you life
Lock the door grab the bag hear the sound
Take a trip make you feel nice

He's the eyes in the door way staring into your soul
He's the hand of fate reminding you your wrong from your right
He's the hate in the way he says "I'm starting to hate you"
He's the hand of pain crashin' down

Time and time you try again
SUPERSONICHEROMAN(repeat) she's your dirty needle superstar
Gutter ridden garbage man she sees the world thru bloodshot eyes

Can you feel the mountain top crumble to the ground
Can you give a little more than you show me when you show me
Burn my eyes and then your gone
The feelings goin' on right beside me not behind me

Chorus: Pale blue sky won't to find me
If i should die toss me to my blue sky

I've felt the waterfall rushing thru my hands
I've been the little boy monsters in my bed
Will they cry or will they make me happy
The dream is never over falling down falling faster
Sometimes I feel like a pig
Trapped in the belly of the beast that is my worthless being
Trying to turn endless nothings into somethings
Trying too hard going to fast
Flying in circles going nowhere wanting to go somewhere
Never being able to find my way out of here

Too late for conversation too late for nothing said
too late for c-ya later way too late for make me stay
Hypocrisy only if you really listen
it's the best defense from sayin' what you really thinking

Upsidedown and kinda side ways left of center in the middle
Topsy turvy smash the Ivory
What's mine is yours yours is mine
It's mine all mine

Chorus: See you in my never-never, think about you in the dark, smack the dollie

Too late for conversation too late for nothing said
Too late for c-ya later way too late for make me stay
Upside down kinda sideways left a center in the middle
Topsy turvy smash the ivory mine is yours yours is mine
Mine it's mine it's mine all mine