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Road Trips

June 16, 2001
Ahhh...Its about time I know...Finally a Road trip...I really needed this one, I was having some major G420 withdrawls!! Well as always when ever I've gone to rained out...I really don't like NY much...always shitty weather everytime I go. I only had to drive as far as Lee, Ma then I caught a ride from there, so I got to ride in luxury for awhile..that was cool. The show was in Syracuse at Armory High, it was a cool bar...well actually it was very hot in Trish and Kendra came from Albany...haven't seen them for awhile...always nice to have other girls to hang with :) Although they had to leave early :( Graffix put on a great set as always, I got to hear a new one I haven't heard was a pretty cool song. I realized I must listen to them to much now, I was noticing if they made a mistake...and singing along to all the was a great show!!! I had a a little to tipsy...and a bump on the head...but owell..atleast I had fun!! The BnB boys also put on a great set, I can never get sick of listening to those crazy F***ers But you just got to love em :) Thanks to everyone that bought me a drink ;) I was sure thirsty that night...haha. No pics this time...hopefully I get some from trish that I can post, we'll see...till next time (um this sat) Keep Rockin!!!

March 2&3, 2001
Yes I know im a bit crazy, I travel to much....but I love it!!!! I went to PA again...Friday night was Fat Daddy's..I love that place!! I got to finally meet BnB's #1 Fan...Tracdc...and she's such a sweetie, we partyed hard that night, but I think everyone was one of those nights to celebrate!!! My booty was hurtin the next day from falling on it a million times, I just couldn't seem to stand on my feet. (hm..i wonder why, could it have had something to do with to many Rick's and Smirnoff's) Sean ran the sound, it is always nice to see him :) G420 played a bran new song, and of course it rocked. Saturday morning was ruff,we all made it next door for Perkin's, then off to Lancaster, for the show at the Village. After messing with the motel people to let us in our rooms, we all crashed for the day. We went to the Village, one of the coolest club I've been to, it was huge, with a great stage, there must have been over 700 people in there. Unfortunatley G420 wasn't able to play, becasue of a mix up with the owner, but we all still had a great time, watching the Great Back in Black. Sunday we all hit the road early, because of the BIG storm. It was a great weekend as always. I'll get the pics up soon!!!

January 27&28, 2001
Friday night the boys played in Ellington Ct at Cioppino's a great club, 2nd time we had been there. Great crowd thats not scared to let loose...haha. The show was great, both G-420 and BnB put on great sets. A couple of the Staind crew guys made it out, Jeff and Pete great to see you guys again. I got some great footage with my new camcorder on and off the stage...even some funny guy that was wearing bra's and panties on his
Saturday night they played East Long Meadows Mass, at Club Meadows, this was mine and Holly's first time to this club...the place was packed...another great show and lots of fun. Kendra and Trish made it out from Albany, it was good to see you guys again. Hope to see you at more of the shows. Well it was a long weekend but lots of fun. I'll have new pics up sometime soon, so keep checking the photos page.
Till next time...SHUPA

December 16, 2000
Me and Holly went to the show in West Sands Lake, NY. The trip was good, a bit rainy, but at least it wasn't snow!! They played at a club called Michaels, with the boys from Back in Black. G-420 put on a great set as always, played a lot of new's really sounding great guys, I love the new stuff. I can't wait for the next CD!! B-n-B were their normal crazy selves, and put on a great set as well. We boogied all night long, met some new people, Kendra, Trish, January and her sister (sorry can't remember your name). It's nice to meet other crazy G-420 fans :) I got lots of new photo's I'll get them up sometime this week. Keep up the great work guys!! I hope everyone has a merry Christmas, and try not to party to hard on New

November 17, 2000
On the road again, this time I caught a ride all the way to Batavia, for the big Rockfest show, at Matt's college. I couldn't believe the weather up there , I thought Maine was bad, never seen it go from sunny to a blizzard, back to sunny then another damn blizzard so many times, it was crazy. But we kept truckin and made it there just in time. Great show...Graffix put on a really great set, even got the girls throughing their bra's and thongs on stage (those girls just go wild over that They played some new songs...I love Liquid Logic great tune. They even played Dollie...haven't heard that one for awhile. The crowd loved them even got a mosh pit going.
I sold merch the rest of the night....thank you to everyone that bought cd's and shirt's and everything else, we almost sold out of stuff. The show ended around 12:00 after People of the Sun, and Battery put on their great sets. It was great seeing everyone again, I had a great time as always (even though you all think im Until next time keep up the great work.

November 4, 2000
Off to Syracuse NY, after the 12 hour trip to PA, this one was nothing. Graffix played at Bleachers with B-n-B, a great club. Unfortunately due to some unexpected, travel times (and slow moving we were late arriving, and had just missed Graffix (and I apoligize for that). After traveling all that way, I really would of liked to of seen them play. We still had a great time hanging out and listening to the B-n-B boys. I would like to say hi to our new found freinds, you know who you are :) It was great to see everyone, thanks for the great time. I wasn't able to get any live photos, but I should have a few others to post, check back soon!!!

October 14, 2000
Me and my side kick Holly, decided to take a road trip to York Pa, to see the boys. This would be the furthest we've traveled to see them, we've gone as far as Albany NY, Springfield Mass, Ellington Ct, but never this far.
It was well worth the travel, they played at a club called Fat Daddy's, being from Maine we weren't used to clubs like this, there are three parts, something for everyone to do, and the place was wall to wall people with a line of people outside all night eager to get in. Definatley a great club!!!!(cheap Rick's Lemonade's to...hehe) Well Graffix went on and played a great set,(as always)played a few new songs(which will blow you away)plus my favorite PUSH. Back n Black went on after, playing everones favorite ACDC tunes. Everyone did a great always it was a great time...Check out the new pictures to see them in action.