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Graffix 420 is a rocking 4 piece that has a name that couldn't go wrong.  The name Graffix and the jester logo are from the Old Skool Bong and pipe company Graffix.  The first song comes crashing in from my stereo like Mr. T at a midget tossing contest.  Distorted guitars covered in effects are the foundation hard hitting group.  Loud and angry vocals float through this album with harsh aggression.  I really liked track 5 "Waterfall" it is a good commercial song.  This song takes me back to the days when Soundgarden was on the top of the game.

I think it is a great and rare thing to be able to set a mood and bring back a time in your life that reminds you of something or someone.  When music can do that you know you are on the right track.  You need to tap that vein and ride it out like a cresting wave.  There are some great grooves in this album if you have the ears.  Track 7 "Dollie" was another song that I was hitting on power rock is back, baby!  When I heard a cover of a ZZ Top song, It Punched Me Like My Prom Date after trying to cop a feel.  If ZZ Top sounded like this there would have been one hell of a mosh pit and alot of old people up in it.  Truly a 420band on their way up.  So show your support and hit these guys up. -- J.Felon
This review was posted on on Nov 3, 2000

Looking for another band from the Northeast to break wide open?  Look no further than Buffalo's Graffix 420.  This riff-fueled band, who take their name (and an endorsement!) from the water pipe company Graffix, are set to explode in the national spotlight, following in the footsteps of Goodsmack, Staind and Revielle.

Formed in Buffalo in 1997, graffix 420 consists of members taken from the area's most popular bands.  Since then, the band hasn't looked back, playing over 200 shows in 12 states.  Opening up for bands ranging from Staind and 6-gig to WASP and Jackyl. Graffix have honed their craft, developing their live show, and writing the songs that comprise the album that's on your desk.

Graffix 420's self-titled disc was produced by Jack Krenicki and mastered by Roger Lian (who's worked with Limp Bizkit
and Revielle). The disc has sold over 3000 copies at the band's shows alone since its release.  It's highlights include
"Supersonicheroman,"  "Push,"  and "Waterfall."  So take a listen, catch the buzz, and start spreading it.