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bio Gooch is a Christian four piece rock 'n' roll band from Landmark, Manitoba, Canada. It all started in the summer of 1995, when Jordan Penner (Vocals, Guitar), Jon Plett(Guitar), Dan Thomas (Bass) and Ryan Rempel (Drums) began meeting at Dan's house to rock out. Over the next few years Gooch played shows around Southern Manitoba, along with bands like, Shambles, Static Rug, Emily's Dream, The Arch Rivals, The Undecided and many more. In the winter of 1998 Dan Thomas left the band for super rock stardom in the Undecided. (No hard feelings, we would have all done the same thing.) This line up change moved Jordan to bass duties, leaving Jon to handle the vocals. After playing for a year as a trio it was evident that a second guitar was needed. While attending Providence College, Jon became friends with Saskatchewanite Shawn Vidal. In the winter of 1999 Shawn joined the band as a second guitar player, filling the gaps and instantly improving the band musically. We are currently recording an 11 song CD, and are planning to tour western Canada in March.

Snail-Mail: Gooch | Box 7-6 | Landmark, MB | R0A 0X0

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