Our pictures of our excellent adventures, welcome to our sad little world!!!!!!

These are our recent pics thanks to our personal photographer, Kat!!! These includes our adventures at our school thanksgiving and prizegiving ceremony and our sleepover at Tenille's house.

WBC Thanksgiving and Prizegiving Ceremony

Oh!!! Look at us all in black looking oh-so-darling!! It's times like these you're glad you're in the choir so that you can miss out on wearing the un-fashion statement of the century.....the ugly grey dress!!!! We had lots of fun and shennanigans that night, like falling asleep through all the speeches, cheering loudly and pissing off all of the teachers....it's memories like these that last a lifetime!!!!

Our Sleepover at Tenille's

This is our gallery of pics from our sleepover at Tenille's somehow a pic of Kat and Claire at the Carols by Candlelight thingy got in, but that's cool!!!