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Are you so bored you would even look up this site just to be on the net? Then check out some other sites than can ALSO keep you busy!!!

This is the site where you change lyrics for songs, make up your own newspaper reports and other stuff, but are here to make it better than it sounds! Check it out... - The Only Way To Waste Time Online!

For the Ryan Reynolds fans, here is Berg off "Two Guys And A Girl"!

Two Guys And A Girl's Ryan Reynolds Website!

Do you want new wallpapers and icons to brighten up your desktop? Then take a look at this website - it's got everything from Arnie S. to The Mummy to Zebras!

ICQ (aka 'I Seek You') is the best way to catch up with old friends, and a great way to meet new ones!

ICQ - I Seek You...

Bored and want to find out your IQ? Or maybe your TRUE personality? (IF you have one! Ooh, NASTY!)

Can't figure out how to pass Crash Bandicoot, Fighting Force or Croc 2? Doesn't matter now - Cheat Planet has ALL the answers!

Cheat Planet - Cheats for ALL games!

Chuck Finn Pictures - Have you found them anywhere else?! Exactly!'loughlin.html

Hannah's website! All about A1 - I'm not really a fan, but the site is pretty good!

Essendon Bombers Official Website! GO MIGHTY BOMBERS!

And...THE EAGLES OFFICIAL WEBSITE! (A big sorry to all Bombers supporters.)

(Just to cause some comotion) the Official West Coast Eagles Website

World Vision - Sponsor A Child Today...

RSPCA's Official Website, don't be cruel to animals., it's better than Hotmail...

Paul Colman Trio's Official Site! Please check this site out - this is the BEST band EVER!

Paul Colman's Official Website - this is the guy that STARTED Paul Colman Trio (hence, the name...) - where YOU get to pick the domain name...this has EVERY domain on the face of the earth.


Are you having trouble finding what you want? Try out these search engines!

Google - Over 13 Million Sites Found! - finds whatever you want!


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