Strange but true. Do you realize, everyone who visits my site, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, knows that my site is boring, yet every time you get an update on you email you keep coming back. It's like when you're playing catch with a dog, and you only PRETEND to throw it. They keep going for it. It kinda reminds me of you guys.


(Not that I'm saying you are in any way like dogs...LOL...I'm just sucking up to the website supporters...hehehe...)

Wassup in netland? We have many features on this site...(it sounds like I'm trying to sell it to you, doesn't it!?)

OK, if you haven't signed our guestbook, you're in big trouble, so go sign it now! :)

Now you're back...LOL...I have a few things to say... First, our new website is here!


The well-known (in our lov-erly Winchopian suburb and Mounterific church, anyway!) band, Silver Tuesdays is on the roll again, getting two gigs and receiving a few new people, etc.

This is the list...

* Jess and Kat - vocalists

* Elena - accoustic and electric geetar-ist

* Sarah - drummer

The people who are not in the frontline, but not quite behind the scenes...

* TJ - background singer

* Hannah - trumpet-er

The people behind the scenes...

* Katie - roadie/techie

Now (as I quote the famous Jezzme) "Here are a few of my favourite things..." ---> Take a look, if ya want...Nothing wet-ya-pants exciting, but it's still good!

Check out my favourite websites!

Luv and Peace Alwayz,

(Jess made that up. Isn't she smart?)