Kat - Yeah, I'd Go Back To Jess' Page Too!

This is really plush! We have so much happening on our site at once, and it's all very exciting! We are having a new guestbook opening here soon *aren't we, jess?* and it's so nice NOT TO BE AT SCHOOL ANYMORE!

Here are the questions that Jess made up just for me! Enjoy!

1. Do you like peanut butter and honey sandwiches, even just a little?

A little? A little bit more than a little.

2. What's the most pathetic joke you've ever heard?

No jokes are pathetic. That or I love all pathetic jokes. I can tell ya my favourite - What's pink and fluffy? Pink fluff! Hahahaha...ah, it's a good one.

3. Who is your fave or most (*cough!*) respected politician?

Politicians? How'd ya think of that one? I heard this saying from my friend TJ - it says, "What is the meaning of the word 'politics'? 'Poli' meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'blood-sucking creatures'. Lol :)

No, I believe that everybody is good at what they do, including John Howard (excluding the belltower, which could've been better spent on something more important...have they heard of the words 'poverty', 'animal cruelty' or 'limited resources'?)

4. If you could use one word to sum up how you were feeling today, what would it be?

The-kinda-feeling-ya-get-the-next-morning-after-you-drink-enough-caffeine-in-coke-to-equal-to-four-cups-of-coffee-the-night-before. (If you have hyphens, it's counted as one word.)

5. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

This is life, but there is a better life after life. This is the real life, but there's another life called heaven. So basically, I think this is life, and the fantasy happens after I die. Wow, I said 'life' six times in that answer!

6. What do martians look like?

Like my cat, except with antennae. :)

7. What's your fave line(s) out of The Castle?

* One that associates with me - "You do rabbit on, darl".

* One that associates with our youth group - "...nope, it's just the vibe".

* and...One that associates with my brainpower - "We're being compulsorily acquired...you know what this means, don't you? We being acquired compulsorily!"

8. If you got to meet the Queen tomorrow, what would you say to her?

"Wassup? What's pink and fluffy?!" Hahaha. And I'd rock up wearing whatever I normally wear. I have respect for authority, but I feel that I don't have to change what I look like just to see another person. I might wanna rock up in my pink pyjamas! OK, I'm not that mean.

9. Tell me a funny story!

Alright, it usually takes me awhile to think of a funny story, but this one came to mind instantly. This only happened to me last Friday, when I had to stay after school until quarter to SIX, practicing for College Sunday. Three of my friends and I were practicing singing on stage in front of the whole school (thrill of all thrills), but we had to practice with the mikes, and the drama people. So I'm sitting in the front row, waiting for my turn when I decide to move seats. I leant on my school dress, and stood up. Two things you must know for your mouth to be gaping:- My school dress is pretty thin, considering it was second-hand when I bought it in year eight, I'm now in year eleven; and I didn't realize I was leaning on it. Stood up - and I hear this tearing sound. I'm thinking, 'Oh no, I've ripped one of the costumes, what am I going to tell the drama teacher?' Turned around and realized I had this 13cm long hole in the back of my dress. *yes, I measured it!* Then the teacher turns around and says, "OK, singers - you're up now." Chouette timing. (English - "Great timing.") So I walked up with this huge whole in the back of my dress, praying no-one would see it. It worked, but I totally stuffed up the song! :)

10. What movie do you reckon we're gonna see on Friday?

Gee, 'Almost Famous'? Maybe we should change this question, considering we saw the movie before I read these questions.

11. Are you sick of these questions?

No. Please, continue.

Fine, don't continue! LOL

Well, that's all for today, folks!

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