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This is the home diddily home of all the past 'This week's really cool excellent things' I thought that you might not wanna miss out on all of the fun and excitiment of the past ones, so here they are. This is a pretty new thing at the moment so there's only one past one

Week One- January 1 2001: Jebediah

This week's really cool excellent thing is.......(drum roll please)...........JEBEDIAH!!!!!!!

I think Jebediah are really cool and excellent because they play really cool music like 'Animal', 'Harpoon', 'Leaving Home' and 'Teflon'. My personal faves are 'Benedict', 'Lino' and 'La Di Da Da'. They have done two really cool albums which are: 'Slightly Odway'(1997) and 'Of Someday Shambles'(1999) I like Slightly Odway better but I don't really know why...unsolved mystery!!!

Another reason why Jebediah are really cool is because they come from Leeming which is a couple of suburbs away and they also have a picture of the Kardinya Bowling Club on the cover of Slightly Odway which is even closer!!! These piccies of them are pretty cool, although some of them are a bit old.

Click here for more info on Jebediah( you'll really want it!!!)

Week Two - January 7 2001: The Castle

This week's really cool excellent thing is..... 'THE CASTLE'!!!!!!

This Australian movie is about the Kerrigan family, who live right next door to an airport. The government wants to buy their land off them to make more room for the airport. Daryl Kerrigan (Michael Caton), the patriach of the family is annoyed by this and refuse to back down and let the government win. The story is told by Dale Kerrigan(Stephen Curry), the youngest kid of the Kerrigan clan. It's the best Australian movie ever with classic lines like *what do ya call this?* *Ice cream.* *What didya do to it?* * I scooped it out the punnet, darl.*

Sorry about the pic, the Australian cover of the movie is way better.

Click here for more info on 'The Castle( you'll really want it!!!)