It all started last year, or the year before...I can't remember, maybe you can tell me. Anyway, I was sitting at home, thinking about one of my favourite TV shows, "Chuck Finn". (Yeah, I heard ya sniggering. Shuddup.) So I turned to the TV guide, just to see what I could watch before it came on and so forth, when I scroll down to 4:00pm the original time for my beloved show. What should I see but a huge *gasp* just waiting to happen:




So here I was, in all my fury, madly flicking the channels to see if it really was true, and sure enough, I flick to channel 7 and the bubbles are coming and stupid song is playing and the school are shrieking (whatz up with that?) and the host is there and I'm just sitting on the couch in total shock. I think Mum turned off the TV at sometime around 7:30pm, but I just couldn't move. Still in shock, I amazingly found my ability to move. So I wrote a letter to Channel 7, telling them of my worries and concerns for the TV show.

It was a near death experience waiting for a response.

I would go wait out for the postman by the letterbox. When he finally arrived everyday at around 10am, I would rush to his side to find what laid in store for me. To my disappointment, there was never a response.

But one day, I was flicking bits of rubber into the bin for no apparent reason, and waiting for the response actually flew from my mind for a short period of time. And, as the old saying goes, a watched pot never boils. Therefore, the pot boiled. I went into my room, to find an unopened envelope laying on my desk. OK, so it had been there for just under a day, and it actually took me awhile to realize it was there - after I pulled off the useless school junk, the clean clothes had been put away, the dirty clothes been pushed aside, then there it laid. I gasped in disbelief. I couldn't believe it. Afters one week (yes, a whole week, maybe two!) of waiting, it had finally come! I tore it open, and it stated that it had been cut off because they needed to finish series two of "Chuck Finn", and that there would be advertising when it was soon to be coming back on. I was overjoyed, and I counted off the days til it came back on.

Half a year later, Jess (the one and only) knocked on my door in a quick manner, and spoke a whole heap of hobblegobble for about half a second. It resembled something like this:

"Hekatdijasethetvguidechanelsevnhsputbarkonchkfinn aftralthsitimneanditsolmostonnourarntuexcited?"

And I just nodded politely, reaching for the phone, where it had Grayland's number on speeddial. But before I could do anything, she reached over to the telly and switched it onto channel seven, where Chuck Finn, series TWO, yes TWO, was starting. I dropped the phone, and stood there dumbfounded. 'Maybe I was seeing things, hallucinating. Maybe I should be going to Graylands, not Jess!' I was thinking. But sure enough, there it was. I was in bliss, but it wasn't for long. (As I knew I would. Only God can give you eternal happiness.)