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Yes, it's true - CHUCK FINN IS BACK ON AIR! Okay, it has probably been back on for a while now, but I only just noticed the other day while browsing the TV guide. Fantastic, hey!? Just to show your appreciation, feel free to emailprograms@7perth.com.au to say a big 'Thankyou!' to those people at Channel Seven!

Chuck Finn has a pretty large cast. We are compiling a cast list at the moment and we will soon have a full picture gallery (fingers crossed). But for now, here's the cast list...


Chuck - Luke O'Loughlin

Sarah - Cassandra Kane

Hamish - Johnny Nicoladis

Becky - Amelia Knight

Linda - Larena Charlesworth

Tiny * - Glen McMilan

Spider - Jonathan Tabaka

Davo - Thomas Lambert

Buddy - Andy Seymour

Fingers * - Holly Myers

* = Only appeared in series 1 and part of series 2

** = Only appeared in Series 1 There will be more of the castlist soon, once I watch the video of it again.

kat--> We make sacrifices, and we know it's a sacrifice for our people by watching Chuck Finn! NOT! Yeah for Chuck Finn!

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Chuck Finn & co.

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For those of you who don't know (you poor underprivileged people!) Chuck Finn is a TV show about this guy called Chuck Finn who is Canadian and he moves over to Australia with his family to settle in a country town called Tingalla. He meets Sarah, this girl that lives with her father who runs a old paddle steamer. Anyway, Chuck and Sarah, along with their friends Hamish, Becky and Linda help to run the paddle steamer. On board the paddle steamer lives two ghosts, Buddy and Fingers (although Fingers hasn't made an appearance so far in the second series, sadly enough) and a new ghost, Carol Ann whom Chuck and Sarah brought back from a visit to Canada.

It all sounds very confusing, and although it's a kids series, it is very entertaining and we just can't get enough of Luke O'Loughlin (the guy who plays Chuck Finn). You've really gotta check this show out!!! It's excellent. Right now Channel 7 are playing repeats from the latter part of the first series. Chuck Finn is on Monday to Friday (that's it folks! FIVE DAYS A WEEK! ) at 10am on Channel 7! Noice!

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