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Mersh News:

Accidental Mersh Newsletter

hello all,
      sorry i haven't written in a while, i've been out of school so i've
been drinking more than usual and i haven't found the time to do so, speaking
of which, it's about 2:30 in the morning right now and so if none of this
makes much sense, don't balme me, i'm gonna make this short and sweet, so
here it goes . . .
This Saturday at 3:30 pm
at the
Memphis in May
Great Southern Food Festival
on the Sunset (Main) Stage
Accidental Mersh

The Great Southenr Food Festival is at Tom Lee Park (where they had the Beale St. Music Fest) and it should be a lot of fun, there will be good food,
drink, and whatever, but please come out, it'll be good, and there will be
lots of people and i'm rambling because i'm drunk and i don't know why i
decided to write this now, but whatever, it's cool

alright, well tell all your friends, i'm too tired to write anything else,
but everyone should know that this is the WELCOME BACK THOMAS SHOW

later, remember to e-mail me the names of your friends that should get this,
peace out,
Charlie (Accidental Mersh)

by the way, i got this really cool picture of us at the Shell, if you wanna
see it, i'll send it to you, just e-mail me back with a header that says,
"Andrew is the cutest thing in the world!!!"

peace again,