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Flek's homepage

This is Flek's website, soon you will be able to find out about upcoming gigs, see pics of us, hear mp3s of us play yadda yadda yadda come back soon when this is more updated bye, ok this is day 2 on the website and if u are yet to sign the guestbook, oh and thanx brett for the penis joke, much aprecianted
here is a pic of slipknot to keep u all happy while u wait for me to do something with this site
from leo, drums, flek(icq#18082908)
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the four members of flek are(in no particular order)

some websites to visit if ur too good for this one

chuggas site, better than jono's
Anonymous Head Hunter's Files
Jono's website, soon to be very nice, updated daily
rage against the machine
Find out about us...
the pictures section