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Teen Spirit-A Tribute To Nirvana and Kurt Cobain

Nirvana was the voice behind youth, in my opinion. I miss Kurt Cobain, for he was my hero. If only Kurt could come back to us, I would be grateful. Music lost a great, creative man in April of 1994 when he was found dead. I didn't know who or what Nirvana was until March of 1998, but I now know the impact they had on society. Nirvana's music will go on, and Kurt Donald Cobain will never, ever be forgotten by his loyal fans. Nirvana started in the 80s, ended in the 90s, but I will never forget them. From their early days like Bleach to In Utero, they will be unforgettable. When Kurt was found dead, I didn't know who he was. But now I've read many theories, and books, and newspaper articles, and I now believe that our hero was murdered. The evidence is VERY overwhelming. He had TRIPLE the normal dose of heroin in him, making it IMPOSSIBLE to LIFT anything, and especially not a shotgun. The supposed "suicide note" is not in his writing. The shotgun doesn't have Kurt's fingerprints on it. And Kurt Cobain wasn't suicidal. He was a happy man who lived a wild life. In fact, according to his friends, he feared for his life the last few weeks of it. But that was then, this is now. This site was made by me, Derek Ruttle, to let fans know that Nirvana will never be forgotten, and to spread the word of Kurt's mysterious death. Do you think Kurt Cobain was murdered? Email me and tell me your opinion. If I get a certain amount of emails I will post them on the site. So for now, don't forget Nirvana, Kurt, and everyone involved with them. Nirvana changed music, Nirvana changed the world. Wherever you are, Kurt, we miss you. Thanks. Derek Ruttle, owner of "Teen Spirit." Encyclopedia Metallica - CLICK HERE!



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