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Dwindle 72's opinion on the MP3 Crisis:

First off lets say this whole wave of MP3 technology is awsome! We love putting our sounds up and have people download them to listen to our music. As far as some bands, they can whine all they want because they loose money. If people download our MP3's, and we get more fans, thats fine by us!

Napster will you Marry me?
Oh yeah! Guy who made napster, that was awsome wearing the metallica shirt on the music awards! Kudos to the Napster guy!

Downloading Instructions:

Clicking on the link should bring up the file you wish to download, however this all depends how you have your files associated. The best way to save a file would to be to:

Window Users: Right click on it, and select Save Target As

Mac Users: Click and hold and select Save As


 YOU MIGHT NEED: Windows Media Player or Quicktime



Some crappy recordings coming soon!!


Flash Intro (Without Sound) 55kb

Everyone takes a beating! 344kb fighting.mpg

The Drum Solo 344kb drumsolo.mpg

Josh Playing Hockey 344kb hockey.mpg


You can expect some practice and show clips soon!

If you have any questions or comments E-Mail: