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Stop Blaming Rammstein...

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RAMMSTEIN DID NOT MAKE ERIC HARRIS AND DYLAN KLEBOLD KILL!! Nor did KMFDM or MARILYN MANSON, it was persecution from other students that lead Harris and Klebold to kill! Also it was inaction from parents to their violent nature and behavior!
How could the parents not have known their sons were getting guns and making pipe bombs? How could teachers not have seen them being bullied every school day?
YES! The boys did listen to industrial/goth music and YES! they loved what? It did not give them insight into murder! Parents, teachers and the government just needed a scapegoat so they chose music! I think it is unjust.
I am bullied for being different as I am sure other kids are, I listen to RAMMSTEIN, KMFDM and MARILYN MANSON and other bands, but I am not going to kill the people I don't like. No, I have found help just as many others have and can and will!

Well, I've had my two cents worth and now I am going to ask you a favor, if you agree that RAMMSTEIN and other bands did not cause the Columbine tragedy, copy the code below and put the STOP BLAMING RAMMSTEIN ribbon on your website:

Stop Blaming Rammstein...

Here is the code: