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Welcome to Kittie INC.!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2001 @ 10:47 pm EST
Guess who is back? Oh yeah, it's me! Just like a pair of Serengeti's, I'M BAAAAAAAAACK! Oracle has been released and I love the album. I have also decided to make some changes on the site!

First of all there will be no more PiX section, because I am tired of people saying things like, 'YOU NEED [Insert band member name here] PIX BECUZ SHE IS HOT AND I WANT TO MARRY HER I AM SEXY HORNY OK BYE.' Yes, that pisses me off, so from now on I won't post new pictures, sorry.

I have added more tabs from Oracle, and expect to have the rest of the cd up in a week or so. I hope you enjoy them and please point out any errors in the tabs if you find them.


Sunday, May 21, 2000 @ 12:04am EST

Hey, me back with an update. Right, so I added a link to Mascara, and to the Seventh Circle. Be sure to check out both sites. I also added the pix of Kittie in this month's Metal Edge, go buy it. Now!

And one more thing before I leave, is closing, so I had to get me a new e-mail addy. So here it is: Please do not send any e-mail or voice mail to my mytalk account :)

Thaz all for now, remember to keep your w00t! on!


Monday, May 8, 2000 @ 4:47pm EST

Yikes! Soldier Of Fortune has consumed most of my time... but here's an update! Added a few new linX, and uploaded some big scans of Morgan and Fallon from Guitar World magazine. Also, go here and vote for Kittie to be on the next cover of Circus Magazine. 'Tis all for now, w00t!


Saturday, April 1st, 2000 @ 2:20am EST

Wow! It has been quite some time since I have updated. I'm sorry :( Blame it on Tribes. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am totally obsessed with PC games. So please forgive me.Anyway, let's see... ah yes. I have uploaded a new guitar tab, this time for Choke.

Ah yes, Choke. This song was really hard for me to hear. And since the way tab is onthe net, exact timing cannot be written into this tab, so I urge you PLEASE listen to thecd for exact timing. Practicing the song alot helps too :) Later on when I wake up, I willbe uploading some pix that the GrandMasta P1mp Daddy Jerome sent me via snail mail. Some pixof Kittie live in concert. So yes, stay tuned for that. Weeeee.... what else...

Probably nothing. Wait... I think I hear something... *Bitchslaps a heathen that was behind him*"Ah Jerome, I knew you were around here somewhere!" *Cue Jazz/Funk Music* *Watches Jerome get down... jumps onto the dance floor and boogies* Um, right. There was no need for that. I am sorry.I'm leaving now. No more mindless banter for tonight/morning!
Auf Wiedersehen!


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