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the Dead Hippie Society

Detroit Area 60's thru 2k1 Rock & Roll Band

the Dead Hippie Society is currently accepting bookings in the Metro Detroit area......MUCHACHOS Y MUCHACHAS Come see us at the "Whiskey in the Jar" where we will be holding our First Anual "Cinco de Mayo Party"...ok, so were not Mexicans , but, hey... any excuse for a party!!!!...........please log in to message board and say "HIYA HIPPIES!"

Formed in 2000

Dedicated to good music, from classic oldies to modern rock , covers and originals

and to our friends and followers for making life good

Neal "the Fish" Gaylor

guitar,synth guitar


Joe "Flat top" Gravel


lead beer

Curtis "the Professor" Pickens

guitar, funny noises


Sean "Sean E. Dude" Danahy

bass guitar


SVT Classic Bass Amp,Ampeg Guitar Amps

DHS uses AMPEG stage amplifiers exclusively (hey Ampeg, where's our check?)

Tama Rock Star Series

HT760M monitor amp,PA Speakers,monitors,bass speakers,DC200 guitar Spirit Folio FX 16ch BBG4S bass guitar DC2000 power amp guitar synthesizer Curt's Axe

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