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                    NEW BAND

    Hey this is the start of a new band that my self (Dan) and the bass player of Dead Society, Jay. We are both very excited to be doing something in music. As of now its just me on drums, and Jay will be on guitar. We are working on ideas for songs and working on building a very small sound room so we can play with out pissing off the Virginia Beach Police. This is just the start of the web page for now. As for a name we have no idea. We have talked about maybe keeping the name Dead Society... But that is a chapter of my life I think my self and Jay have both out grown. So we will be working on that as well. If you are interested in playing with us e-mail me at Also one thing we will NOT be doing is allowing ANY ONE that does drugs in the band. Drug use killed Dead Society and we will not let this happen again. As of now we have no intentions of making this a "straight edge" band. We will be up dating this page when more info is ready. That is it for now- DAN