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                  SEAN KANE'S

    Sean (Kane) was born 12-28-83 in Nuremburg, Germany.  Moved to Sicily for 3 years then here.  He never really liked music at all until he had a sudden urge (mainly out of boredom) to play guitar.  He was hooked.  Played for bout  9 hours a day for the first year.  He listened to Nirvana, Local H, and Alice  in Chains.  Then he discovered soloing.  After learning to solo for a few  years and after becoming a Metallica nut, he heard Pantera's Cemetary Gates  for the first time.  From then on, he started gettin more and more into heavy  music.  Now his favorite bands are Machine Head, Spineshank, Fear Factory,  and Tool most of all.  His guitar style is a combination of the heaviness and  aggressiveness of Fear Factory and Sepultura with ear catching riffs and  insane grooves.  He met Dan and Sean through an internet ad lookin for a guitarist actually! (Farm Club) Sean's a smartass and his life is his music.  And nothing will get in the way of that!
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