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Video Clips

Welcome to Jon's CKy Page!

Welcome to the new addition of Jon's CKy. Skateboarding! The whole site is currently under construction, but I will be putting pics on here, trick tips, movies everything I can.

Pete Eldridge Chuck Treece Layback
Bam Skating Bam
Bam Dropping in at a Vans StoreBam falls on the drop in!
Mike Maldonado - Boardslide Geoff Rowley - 360 Flip to lipslide
My friend Brandon - 50-50Brandon's Brother, PJ - Boardslide
Bam - F/S Air on his new halfpipe. It says Bam Filming CKY3 at Home, Photo by Tim GlombBam - Nollie Halfcab on his new ramp
My friend Anthony - Switch Rock FakieMy Friend Brandon - B/S Smith
My friend Scott - Vert RideScott - Vert Ride(Different Angle)
Rodney Mullen - Free Style (492k)
Rodney Mullen - Darkslide (326K)
Bam - Switch B/S Lipslide (652k)
Bam switch flips witout looking. (35K)
For more video clips,
click here.