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The local newspaper printed this article on August 16, 2001. It is on jack@$$ and it is th same newspaper the West Chester crew gets.

"Hit MTV Show Ends Its Run"

Area youths promise more hijinks to come
By Tarek Tannous (typed by Jon Daily)
The hit show 'Jackass' aired its last original episode as a weekly series Sunday, but the West Cheste crew involed in the show promise that, just as they did before MTV gave them contracts, they will continue to perform their unique brand of high-flying, head scratching entertainmen.
In the next several months, they will release two DVDs and a film a feature-length movie.This Sunday, the group will hold the premire of the new feature "CKY3" at the Troc in Philly.
The show, which began last year, ended Sunday after Johny Knoxville announced last week that there would be no more original episodes. Cast memeber and West Chester local Ryan Dunn confirmed Wedesday that the cast was no longer interested in cotinuing the show in it's current format, as a weekly half hour series, but they have not ruled out other approaches, such as hour length specials.
"We're willing to do more (with MTV) once things simmer down, ut the show prety much ran it's course," Dunn Said. "We decided we're going to go ahead and work on other peojects and break the montony of an every week show. I thought it started getting boring."
"There are ongoing discusions about new episodes," sad an MTV spokeswoman Wednesday.
Segments of the show hav been filmed in the West CHetser are, including stunts at West Chester University and the West Goshen shopping center. The show has also featured by local bands, such as cKy and Streetgang.
In addition to Dunn, locals involved with the show include longtime friends Brandon DiCamillo, Bam Margera, Chris Raab, Shirl Cox, and Ted Webb.
According to published reports, MTV proposed another 22 episodes last week, but the cast was not interested.
"Bam and I were at Koxville's house in L.A. three weeks ago, and we were all on the same page on this," Dunn said. "We're moving onto other things, we're all working on other projects."
Knoxville, whose real name is P.J. Clapp, is a native of South Knoxville, Tenn. He co-produces the show along with Spike Jonze and Jeff Tremaine.
"We told (MTV) we would do specials down the road," Knoxville sid Friday. "But this is enough. We have done enough.
Ehat Dunn wants fans to understand, though, is that while new episodes will no longer air every Sunday, the show was always part of a larger group of projects that he hand his friends were involved in. The group co-wrote and will sta in a movie that will begin filming in West Chester next week. They will also film a musi video for the Finish group HIM.
"Jackass" began after MTV noticed "CKY," a video put out by Margera, Dunn and the rest of the group featuring a mix of skate stunts and outrageous pranks. The network combined their footage with footage from Knoxville and his group, based in California, and the show was born.
The problem, according to several cast members, was how the sho had changed over the past year. Some cast members said that the spntaneity and shock value that initially mad "Jackass" fun was stifled after the network began to monitor the show's content more closely.
"What affected the show, for me, was being annoyed with everything being choppedout and pigeon-holed," Dunn said. "It appears to me that they (MTV) think it's the money."
"In the beginning, it would be our ideas and their ideas,"he said, referring to the collaboration between the West Chester and California crews. "We would do them, film them and send them to MTV."
Eventually, he said, "it was getting more and more difficult to film. I think it was from all the pressure on MTV to tone it down a little. It wasn't really funny anymore. Towards the end, you could see the stress level in people's faces."
"Jackass" became the subjcet of national controversy when young viewers were injured after reportedly trying to imitate stunts from the show, despite the disclaimer posted several times during each episode.
A Connecticut boy suffered serious burns after trying to copy a stunt in which Knoxville tried to barbecue himself. Another boy in Kentucky was run over by a car while trying attempting another stunt.
Former vice president candidate Sen. Joe Lieberman called for the show--which was MTV's highest rated series most weeks--to reform itself or be taken off the air by the cable channel.
MTV did not cancel the show, but dramically reduced its exposure on the network. "Jackass" used to air at 9 pm Sundays and each episode was run up to 10 times a week, drawing more then 20 million viewers total; after the show became a magnet for controversy, MTV moved the show to 10 pm and did not re-run episodes during the week.
Despite ups and downs of the last year, including the fame and success, the local guys stayed local guys.
"I love West Chester, that's my town," Dunn said, referring to the Hollywood scene as a "dog-and-pony show."

Note: Since this is so long, some of the word will be spelled wrong.