News and Upcoming Adventures


Well loyal fans and good friends Dave and Mandy tied the old knot this past weekend and as soon as I get the pictures developed they'll be on the site for your viewing pleasure.

This past Tuesday Mitch Fairchild played at Los Pomas with BOB filling in for Dave while he and his new bride are spending their honeymoon in Badin, NC. The show went damn good at only thirty mins. the band played "Everyday" and "Lester Greene" with some Scofield teases and a little ditty that Waylon sang called "Rocket Sauce".


Sad News

                                As of right now we have finished the demo. But alas
                        dark times have fallin' on dark times. Dave has informed
                        us that he will not be able to continue with the full
                        fledged devotion to the B.O.B.
                                Right now our wishes of true luck in the journey he
                        has ahead of working every day for the rest of his
                        life with his beautiful, so I'm told, son and loving
                        wife to be.
                                Still Waylon and Jeffrey have no intentions of
                        slowing down at all and are in need for a funkanaut
                        who can go all night every night and is tired of
                                So if you live in the Charlotte or Greensboro area
                        please contact: Waylon 336-272-7408 and/or
                                Jeffrey 704-422-6683

                        A.S.A.P. We have shows lined up so please only
                        people who can funk all the time call... please!


I went by today to see how the recording was going and I got to here a sample of the new CD w/out vocals. Damn it was good! The CD has 11 tracks on it and if the finished product is as good as what I heard you fuckers are in for a treat.



Well, tomorrow Big Ocean Band will record their new demo. All recorded live @ Jeff's house with the help of Tommy and Mitch. Hopefully every thing will go of without a hitch. So, if all goes well there will be MP3's on the Webster soon. So keep looking.