Big Ocean Band

Fan Page

This is a page for the Fans. You can send any thing to BOB and it will be posted on this page. Anything you want to send we'll post it. Pictures, stories, recipes, vital organs you name it.


here's a photograph that was sent in by Phallus Morris. Phallus says, "I love BOB so much I would jump out of an airplane naked!"

here is a picture from some fun-lovin cats at one of BOB's shows last month:  "these guys suck worse than this..." Arthur Faggarelli

OK this one's weird. It's from a guy named farmer john and farmer john wrote and claims that since he started listing to BOB his cock has grow five times it's normal size. Well farmer john, I let the boys see the picture and they were more than pleased.


If you would like to show BOB how much you love them send your stuff to

and our web gimp will post it