The Band has something to say to you!!

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We here at the B.O.B. would like to take this chance to thank everyone who has done there part to help us out!! Tommy, Mitch, Booger and all the others who have spent more time on the toilet than with us, we give you praise!!   This "project" started as a guest jam that Waylon sat in on and it hasn't stopped yet. The main goal of the B.O.B. is like that of any young hungry and tired of working musician, to souly live off of our jams!!  We have done lots to get to where we are right now and do not plan on stopping here!  Now I fel I should explain each of us to each of you. We are a three piece funk oriented jam band. Now when I say funk I mean it in the most general way of the word.  We branch out into a wide aray of covers and all styles of music, reggea, jazz, blues, rock and of course funk!!!!! Each time we play we try to not play the same way, hence the "jam", but at times we fall in the way of Babaylon. Not enough practice time, Waylon lives an hour and a half from Jeff & Dave and all this is factored into the equation of funk that we like to call the B.O.B.

dave_face_small.JPG (1693 bytes)Dave--- Bass---  David enjoys his summers, don't let him lie to you when he says he doesn't. Daves favorite time in his life has been explained like this before, " Once when I was alone I decided to go out to the local little porn shop and buy myself a penis enlargment kit. When I got home I was so excited to try out my new toy!!  I ripped the packaging open and began pumping away. Ofcours I tried it out on my dog first it seemd to work really well my astonishment was overwhelming, mainly because my dog is of the female gender and now had a bigger penis than any of the boy dogs in the 'hood.

jeff_face_small.JPG (1608 bytes)Jeff---Guitar--- Jeffs weekends are spent plowing the feilds of peru where he is currently residing for tax perposes. His day usually consists of the same routine and it follows,  step one-- wake and bake. and when the cakes and pastries are done Step two--wash himself thouroghly, and belive me he is good and thorough. step three-- he picks fresh grapes from his orchard that has been passed down for thousands of generations until of course when he bought the land from the previous owners for ten american deuchtmarks sshhh!!!!

little way.GIF (2832 bytes)Waylon--- Drums-- Mysterious man of action!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fo' booking info call  Waylon@ 336-272-7408  orjeffrey @ 704-422-6683

also WHAT EVER YOU DO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SHOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!