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B I G - C R A S H

...Hi, we're Big Crash. We've been singing forever (just because) and one day (April 29, 2000 to be exact) at Forensics, Linz and I were talking on the way home. Jen wasn't involved in the conversation 'cause she was too busy giving obscene gestures to the cars around us (she's a pleasure to be in the car with) and Linz got the great idea to make a band. We're like, OK! The three of us will do! We don't play instruments, with the exception of Linz, and we didn't care. That was the birth of Big Crash.
... We're currently in major need of practise and songs. Oh yeah, shows to sing in as well. We've got one coming up. but that's another story.
...In fact, you probably couldn't even call us a band. But screw you, we didn't ask you.
...Just as a note, not everything is up yet. That's OK, check it all out anyway.

Love us? Hate us? Tell us here. We promise we won't get mad if you're honest.
Really, we do.