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Hey I'm Lindsay Serridge- singer in Big Crash! I'm usually the more mature one(SOMETIMES) of the 3 of us. Singing is really important to me as well as acting and horses. We're all in forensics and get to see hot guys on the weekends when we comete that rules!! I like hot guys...I like guys in general...Nice guys....hehe foxy guys are always a plus, but only if they're really nice! damnit...ok yeah now that I've rambled.....I'm seriously crazy I guess because it was my idea to start this band when I already had a band..with instruments!(Espionage) But like me, I always book myself so I had to go and do it again...damn...well I guess as I said I was so mature when I want to get something finished because it seems we're always side tracked....but sometimes I could care less and I spend my time pissing jen off by closing the draw of her dresser when her cat is in it....well hell she did jupm in there on her own, I was just helping her be more inconspicuous!!!