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. Hey, everyone, guess what? I'm JEN. That's formally Jennifer Kaitlin Ponton, to you. I hail from P'Burg. Well, really, the Boonies. Which is probably 100x better than P'Burg itself. Anyways, I'm in Big Crash because (a) I love Gabi and Tinz, and (b) I love to sing! Aside from BC, there are my thousands of other activities. I sing in the barbershop group Pieces of 8 (I'm a Tenor), I participate in the PHS Drama club, I am a VERY active member of the FORENSICS TEAM!!!, and I work on weekdays by tutoring and babysitting 2 handicapped children. No, I do not play any sports, because I am "Sports Impaired." Ladies and Gentleman, this is an awful disease that affects many, many people of all ages and races. It is NOT to be trifled with.
. Uh...what else?...Linz and Danielle are 2 of my many best friends; I've known Linz forever, and she and Danielle just recently got to know eachother. Danielle has been my homey for almost 2 years now. Uh... yeah. So. I don't really have any fetishes. I like music. I don't like feet. Especially mine and Kelly's. I like things with the names Brad Russo and Dan Velez. :).

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