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Help us name this berry!

. This poor, sad little strawberry does not have a name. As a result, he suffers from many social, emotional, and mental anguishes. He doesn't have any friends, because they don't know what to call him. Those few who do seem to want to be his friend turn out only wanting to eat him! He can't introduce himself to women and his family was all shipped off to and Orange Julius stand in Michigan. Therefore, he is very lonely. His mind plays tricks on him, and sometimes he thinks he is Bob Saget. Does this not make you weep for him? I mean, c'mon, BOB SAGET. Full House is over, and so is this strawberry's painful little life if he gets a name soon.
. We've volunteered to help this poor lost little soul. He's even dressed up for the occasion, saying this will be the proudest moment of his pitiful little life. Thing is, he didn't like "Bobo" and "Gidget Chucklesniffer", the names we proposed for him. So, do your part and suggest a name for our feeble little berry. It's definitly something you will not be forgotten for!