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BHS Band Course Offerings

The Blue Brigade

The marching band is comprised of students in grades 9-12, along with a limited number of eighth graders, and requires a commitment of time and energy over and above the normal school day. In addition to competitions, this ensemble supports the school and community through athletic and civic performances. Participation in this ensemble is required in order to be a member of the band program.

Symphonic Band

The symphonic band is comprised of students in grades 9-12 and meets during the normal school day. Students will perform grade III-V concert band literature representative of all time periods in Western music, additionally gaining a knowledge of music theory/history/culture, and will perform at least three concerts throughout the school year. Students are required to attend dress rehearsals and a limited number of afterschool practices. Private lessons are strongly encouraged and can be set up through the director.

Chamber Ensemble/Beginning Band

This is a combined course which is comprised of both beginners and experienced band members who choose to further their instrumental abilities through individual and chamber ensemble performance. This course meets during the normal school day only. Literature and curriculum will be based on each individual student's ability level and needs, but will be selected from the standard repertoire.

Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble is designed to familiarize students with performance of the many styles within the jazz idiom. Students will gain a theoretical and historical overview of each style performed. Enrollment in this ensemble is by audition only. Students will be expected to attend afterschool rehearsals in preparation for concerts.

Chamber Ensembles

These ensembles rehearse on a regular basis during the spring semester and allow smaller groups of students the chance to work together in learning different literature. Large ensembles will meet during their assigned masterclass time at least once per week. Participation in these smaller groups and private lessons are the fastest two ways to becoming an advanced musician due to the more individualized attention each student receives in this setting. For this reason students are required to participate in at least one large ensemble (flute choir, clarinet choir, saxophone quartet, brass choir and percussion ensemble) and are strongly encouraged to form various other smaller groups (duets, trios, etc.).

Color Guard

Color guard is an integral part of the band program, beginning with marching season in the fall semester and continuing with winterguard later in the year. Students will learn basic to advanced concepts in dance and modern color guard techniques. The color guard is a part of the marching band and requires a commitment of time and energy over and above the normal school day.