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BEST VIEWED WITH YOUR EYES. BUT IF YOU WANT TO GET REALLY PICKY...BEST VIEWED ON A KICK ARSE MONITOR, IN EITHER NETSCAPE OR MICROSOFT EXPLORER. IF YOU USE AOHELL, I'M NOT SURE...BUT SOMEWHERE THERE IS A WAY TO MAKE THE GRAPHICS BETTER. I'm seeing my own page on a different monitor, and boy do the colors suck. So if you think I'm colorblind with my color choices...maybe its really your monitor. Really, everything looks great on mine..

Yes indeedy, hello all you fantabulous barenekked buddies! And welcome to my little virtual shrine to the funniest,cutest, most talented, canadian band ever! Thats right, im talking about the fabulous 5-som--the Barenaked Ladies! (yay! Whoo, crowd goes wild) Hi, im your host the fantasmical Nicki Lapointe (also known as "PowderBlueNicki" on the bulletin board.) and I will be putting together an internet creation using a series of 1s and 0s and lots of pixels to bring you, a barenaked experience of a lifetime!! (more wild crowd antics) WELL...maybe i stretched that a little bit... I actually have no idea what im doing! BUT, i do know I will be putting up artworks i've done of the boys! Yay! So bare with me (ha, pun intended) and remember to eat your Kraft Dinner!

UPDATE!!!!: 9/15/02: FINALLY ADDED SOME LONG OVERDO.....FANART! BNLLOVINDRUMAH...can ya evah forgive meh??? >puppydog look< Everyone, go check out her awesomeoness in fan art mmkay??!

UPDATE: 5/26/02: Howdy all! Just got in another really super cool fan-art. Go check it out ya'll! And if you have something bnl-artlike sitting around..send it on in!!

UPDATE: 5/9/02: Fun for all! Finally, you too can figure out what bnl guy you're most like, but you'll never find out if you don't take the ALL NEW personality TEST! Scroll down and you'll see a new button!

Update? 4/21/02: Ok, I'm still sorry. And...I'm actually working on an apology comic. But...I just noticed something...and...I think I'm a bit peived. Someone has stolen some of my art without asking. Now, I know there are a few peeps who have my art on their sites...but they ASKED me. And, for the most part I obliged. (one case, they wanted all of my weird adobe painting pics...but I think I let them choose one or two...those are my babies...) Anyway...if they had asked me, I don't think I'd feel so violated right now. I also noticed they stole some of YOUR pictures. That's right, if you sent me fan art....theres a good chance someone has stolen it. Now its one thing to mess with me, its another thing to mess with you guys. Guhh...I don't even know what to say...Maybe just..PLEASE, ASK ME BEFORE YOU REPOST MY PICTURES. Oh! Someone sent this guy one of my pics! My...kevin charicature. Please..DONT DO THAT EITHER! If it's not your pic, don't send it to someone. What else...Oh, he stole some of my stuff from the Kevin Hearn Rules club...claiming it was Kevin's. Yes...the doodles were Kevin's, but they were a design for a t-shirt. Ugh...grrrrr. I'm sorry, but I felt the need to rant. I know they linked back to my site for the most part...But its the principle! >grumble< >.< We'll see what happens. And maybe I'll get my apology comic up when I'm done with it. School ends soon, so...things are pretty hectic. So hold on some more peeps...

Update: 3/18/02: once again....I'm sorry. I'm still in an alternative creative state. But I wanted ya'll to know I've moved my band guys to their own page all together, so they wont be taking up Barenaked Mega Bites. (that sounds....sick.) Um, and when I update their page...I'll probably just update it there and not here. you've taken a liken to em...or whatever...might want a different bookmark...or....whatever...

Update: 2/27/02: Playing around with page setup. Trying to look more professional. Slowly getting there...ha!

Update: 2/14/02: Happy...greeting card day! Nothing special, got bored and mad a "me" page.

Update: 2/13/02: I had a bnl idea...but I forgot it. Sorry., yeah. you can probably guess what area I updated.

The Goodstuff!
The "Me" page. So you can get a glimpse of the psychotic psychie of me... My meaningless Ramblings....basically...tottaly Random stuff! Update Page!
Big Bad Barenaked Buddy Icons FanArt by YOU!

FanWritings by ALL!

First page of BNL art

Another page of "art!

The 3rd page of nakedness!! WHOOHOO!

Yet another page!

More artsy fartsy stuff.

Slightly askew bnl drawings! dont worry, come on in!)

BNL inspired artworks!

Altered Photos!!

Comics! Formerly "The ONE AND ONLY Barenaked COMICS!" But now known as "THE FIRST BNL COMICS (in a continuing series!!)"

Exclusive black and whites of the supposed Downward Dog concert. Creegganites dig in!

The best pics of my 2 nights at the Horseshoe with Kevin Hearn and Thinbuckle.

Band Bios!

Hey, go vote at some barenakedly fun polls! ;D the Banter Box! I may ask questions, you may ask questions...its a free for all banter box..get the pic? But please...keep it clean eh?


Hey all you wanna be Canadians, stop on by my guestbook and tell me what kind of a crockpot I've cooked up on the "internet"!

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Proud to be an Honourary Canadian! (and half canadian too!)

The Ameliorites.

Orignal characters by moi, inspired by various Canadian artists. It's lots of pics and stories about 5 youngish Torontonian musicians who're just trying to make it in the music business. There's the leader Garrett who's a serious/sarcastic guy who doesnt know whether he's blessed or cursed to have the friends he has in his band. There's his younger brother Gavin who's more interested in reading books and playing music than paying attention to the people around him, Adam the skinny, narcisistic, not-so-mellow bassist who has had so many ladies slap him he'd have to take of everyone's shoes and socks to count all the times... Best friend to Adam is the amiable Colin; the big guy who would rather spit wooden nickles then hurt a fly, so needless to say Adam and Colin's friendship is amusing in itself. Last and not least is Javier, the bi-lingual French Canadian drummer who's out in life to make people laugh, and has an odd ability to make people do things they wouldn't normally do. Overall, It's funny, it's sad, if you like 'em I'll be glad. Knock on their apartment door and say, "Hey there eh ya hosers!" and they'll knock you arse over tea-kettle or your money back!

Disclaimer: Not knowing what to put here, I'll just start typing the should-be obvious. Everything on this page is mine. Except BNL, I dont own them. Copyright (c) Nicki Lapointe 2001

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