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System Of A Down Facts
  • Toured with Rage Against the Machine, KoRn, and Sevendust
  • They are also known as an Armanian Rock band
  • They headlined Sno-Core 2000, which included Incubus and Puya

Quick Fact

Thier lyrics draw heavily on political issues (like the american genocide of 1915), but the Sno-Core headliners also write about the L.A. Lakers. "Were musicians-not politicians." Says bassist Shavo Odegjian.

Member Bios

Name: Daron Malakian - Guitars, Vocals
Born in: California, USA
Birthday: 18th June 1975
Fact: A fan of Charles Manson

Name: Serj Tankian - Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Born in: Lebanon
Fact: A fan of David Bowie

Name: Shavarsh 'Shavo' Odadjian
Born in: Armenia
Birthday: 22nd April 1974
Fact: A fan of Kiss, Slayer & Christopher Walken (actor)

Name: John Dolomayan
Born in: Lebanon
Birthday: 15th July 1974
Fact: A fan of Clutch

About The Name

Contrary to popular belief, the band was not originally called Soil - this was an earlier, ill-fated band containing Serj and Daron. The name for SOAD was inspired by the title of a poem by Daron - Victims Of The Down. This was changed to System Of A Down for a number of reasons; Shavo objected to 'Victims', due to its 'narrow, personal connotations'. System was more vague, and it is intentional that the name is hard to interpret. It's also been suggested that beginning with S was a conscious decision, to as be filed with their great influences, Slayer, in shops.

The Beginning Of SOAD

The beginning of the band was in Los Angeles, USA. Daron, Serj, Shavo and John all grew up there, though all had Middle Eastern roots - Serj and John were born in Lebanon, while Shavo was born in Armenia. Daron was in fact born in California, but of Armenian origin. At different times, Daron, Serj and Shavo all attended the same high school - a privately run Armenian school in Hollywood. This school gave them a harsh upbringing, oppressing pupils - Daron still has nightmares about his time at the pre-school part of this institution. John suffered similar experiences at another Armenian school, though later managed to get himself expelled.

The Origin

After 'Soil', with drummer Andranik "Andy" Khatchadurian (see above), spilt up around 1995, Daron & Serj recruited Shavo, then John to the beginnings of today's SOAD. They met Shavo & John through chance, and in fact their similar origins was also by chance, but has undoubtedly contributed to their writing. Unlike many bands, they instantly turned heads, and soon gained a loyal fanbase in California though playing support to various other bands. The creation of their third cassette demo (featuring Know, Peephole and War) widened their fanbase overseas, and this directly led to their recording deal with American Recordings through Rick Rubin. Rubin saw them play at the Viper Rooms in Los Angeles, and despite offers from various recording companys coming quickly, the band held out for Rick Rubin, and after attending all their subsequent concerts, offered to produce their first album. He famously even attended a concert of System's in New York, even after they had been falsely rumoured to have already signed a deal with another company.

Band Influences

And Orgy, Bad Acid Trip, The Beatles, The Big Ugly, Brujeria, Chiga Monkey, Clutch, Coal Chamber, Dead Kennedys, Deftones, Depeche Mode, Dimestore Hoods, Downset, Drown, Fear Factory, Godflesh, Human Waste Project, Kiss, Kittens For Christian, KoRn, Led Zepplin, Lepra, Machine Head, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Rage Against The Machine, Silfead, Slayer, The Smiths, Soil, Spineshank, Stanford Prison, Experiment, Static, Suction, Sugartooth, Sugar Ray, Suicidal Tendancies, Tura Satana, Ultraspank, Unknown Remains


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