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Static-X facts
  • They are featured on the 'Dracula 2000' soundtrack
  • Their cd 'Wisconsin Death Trip' ranked as one of the years top-selling rookie releases of 2000
  • They have toured with Slayer, System of A Down, and Ozzy Ozbourne
  • They call their music EVIL DISCO
  • How did they get the name for thir cd 'Wisconsin Death Trip
  • Static and Jay, rockers-to-be, made their frist tentative steps into the music bix with the Chicago-based band Deap Blue Dream, a group that happend to share its rehearsal space back in the early 90s with a pre-star-trip Smashing Pumpkins
  • Based in Los Angeles
  • They got signed in 1998 to Warner Bros. Records
  • Eisen, from the band Dope, joined Static-X, replacing deported guitarist Koichi Fukuda
  • influenced by the band Kiss
  • Wayne Static is a Chicago native.
  • Guitarist Tripp Eisen replaced Koichi fukuda in December of 2000.
  • They toured with bands like Slayer, System of a Down, and was on OZZfest 2000.
  • Static and Jay made their first steps into the music industry with the Chicago-based band Deep Blue Dream.
  • By mid 1998, they had been approached with a major record label.

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Wayne Static-singer
Koichi Fukuda-guitarist
Tony Campos-bassist
Ken Jay-Drummer

Singer Wayne Static-he's the one with the gravity defying 'do-brags about that thier self-described "evil disco" music has won over fans of all ages. "My mom comes to the shows." says Wayne. "But I keep her out of the mosh pit."