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  • signed as a spokesperson for ClickRadio and Pepsi
  • his mentor is Will Smith because he is classy
  • In 6 months, his solo CD has outsold Dru Hill's first two albums.
  • His real name is Mark Althavan Andrews
  • He got the name sisqo because his curly hair made him appear latin and they thougt the moniker sounded Puerto Rican
  • He grew up in a Baltimore neighborhood that was rough and drug infested
  • His father, Alonzo, is an electician and his mother, Carolyn is a social security claims clerk
  • he thought of becoming a singer at the age of 16
  • The other members of Dru Hill are Woody, Nokio, and Jazz
  • Dru Hill was signed onto Island Records
  • Has a daughter named Shaione who was born in 1995
  • He worked at a place called Fudgery Fudge and Fun, a movie theater, and a sub shop.
  • Went to jail for having a beeper in school and for fighting at parties
  • his dancers are called the '6 pack'
  • his sister, Donisha, is a personal assistant.
  • 'The Thong Song' spent 1 day at #1 on TRL
  • Sisqo used to be insecure about his heighth,
  • he was arrested 3 times for minor infractions, twice for fighting and once for taking a pager to school
  • his godmothers name is Beatrice Travis
  • Recieved his first grammy nominations in January 2001

R & B quartet Dru Hill has made it's mark with soulful harmonies and sweaty grooves. But it's singer Sisqo, with his tattooed upper torso and new silver coif, who has emerged as the main attraction. Particularly when he is in his favorite disigner duds. "Moschino is high-profile style," Says the Baltimore native, whose debut solo CD hits stores this month. "Everybody cant wear it. You have to have a specific type of attitude." Naturaly, he fits the bill. "You never know what to expect from me." he says. "I try to be an innovator. Its my duty to constantly change and do new things that are slightly on the edge." But even sisqo has his limits. "Not too far to the left, not too far from to the right."