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  • Mya support Teenage self esteem
  • her mother is Italian American and her father is African American
  • Her parents divorced when she was 18
  • She is a College Park, MD native
  • Spokeswoman for the Secret to self-esteem program

When Mya speaks, you have to inch closer to catch her whisper. Last spring, she arrived on the scene just as quietly and suddenly the secret was out about her silky-smooth self-titled debut. The follow-up 'Fear Of Flying', arrived in fall 2000. Mya, born Mya Harrison (named for poet Mya Angelou) is intent on "really touching people with my lyrics". "I have alot to say." Much of it based on being on the road. "A lot has happened to me in a year." she says. "I didnt get to experience being on my own before." Being on her own isnt precisely what Mya's known for; She shared vocals with the likes of Dru Hill's Sisqo, Silkk the Shokker, ODB and Fugees' Pras and Wyclef Jean. Expect more guests on the new relaease, but look to Mya for the Soul: "This time, It's all on me."

WHICH IS ONE OF HER CONCERTS WAS THE BEST OF THEM ALL??? "I did a show at Lilith Fair last summer. I brought up kids on the stage and we did "Take Me There." This 6-year-old girl with yellow-rimmed sunglasses wouldnt give the microphone back!!! She knew the whole song"!!!

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