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  • Formed in 1981.
  • 'Load' released in 1996, 'Reload' released in 1997, and 'Garage Inc.' released in 1998.
  • At the My VH1 Music Awards 2000, Metallica won 'The Best Stage Spectacle Award' for their shows with The San Fransisco Symphony
  • They are the only 80's rock band whose success didnt end with the end of the decade
  • They release 3 albums before making a video for 'One'

Official website
Green Hell
Official Tour Site
Encyclopedia Metallica
Bleeding Me Metallica Page
The Motorbreath Metallica Homepage
The Loaded Metallica Page


Lars Ulrich
James Hatfield
Jason Newsted
Kirk Hammett


In 1981, Lars Ulrich met James Hetfield through an L.A. newspaper advertisment and formed the band, Metallica. Other players included a bassist, Ron McGovney, and a lead guitarist, Dave Mustaine. Mustaine also provided some vocals. In 1983, they acquired eccentric bass genius Cliff Burton. Lars and James first saw Cliff jaming by himself in a bar; he was so good that they were amazed to see that he was playing a bass and not a guitar. Lars, James, and Mustaine were so eager to have him in the band that they relocated to San Francisco where Cliff was living. Under advise of their manager, they fired Mustaine because of drug and alcohol problems and picked up Kirk Hammett. This change occured while the band was staying in New York City in 1983. They recorded their first album, Kill 'em All, later in the same year. In 1986, while touring in Sweden, their tour bus crashed killing Burton. A few weeks later, they picked up new bassist, Jason Newsted. Despite their terrible loss, they have continued to create great music as their popularity continues to grow.