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  • fred was a tattoo artist
  • freds mother can be heard on the significant other album
  • they made their big break in 1996
  • KoRn helped to get them signed
  • 6 months after the release of their album in 1997, Limp Bizkit found themselves to be one of the biggest success stories
  • Fred Durst is a record label vice president and a renowned director
  • fred grew up in Jacksonville Fl
  • sales for limps 2 albums 'Three Dollar Bill, Y'All' and 'Significant Other' approached a combining total of 10 million
  • Freds first feature film was 'Natures Cure'
  • known for egging on performers like Christina Aguilera and Scott Stapp of Creed
  • Fred became super-tight with Snot's lead James Lyn Strait. Unfortunately, not long after the tours end, James was killed in a car accident. When Fred got the news, he put all band biz on hold and met up with fellow ozzfest performers - KoRn man Jonathon Davis, Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, and others to mourn for their friend. The name of the cd is 'Strait Up' and all proceeds have gone to James' mother.
  • One of their charities is 'Fight For Rights: Take a Stand Against Violence'.
  • 'Rollin' reached #2 on TRL
  • At the My VH1 music awards 2000, Limp won the 'Givin it back' trophy
  • They sold over 1.5 million copies of their debut disc
  • headlined thier own 'Ladies night In Cambodia
  • signed Staind on Interscope records
  • banned for life by Las Vegas radio Station KXTE after allegedly backing out of a local date to play elsewhere for more cash
  • the 'Rollin' track was featured on WWF as a them song for the Undertaker
  • John and Sam are cousins
  • the original guitarist was Rob Waters. Then Wes took his place but Fred didnt like his outfits, so he got kicked out. Then Rob joined again. Then FINALLY Rob left and Wes Joined again.

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Fred Durst - vocalist
Sam Rivers - bass
John Otto - drums
DJ Lethal - turntables
Wes Borland - guitar

Image by

Fred remembers that when he was younger, he had a skate ramp and they would always use it to hop over the fence to the neighbors yard when they had to piss. One time the neighbor guy came out and yelled at him for doing that and used to always call the cops.

WES: hails from Nashville
FRED: named VP of Interscope Records
SAM: nickname is Grunger Guy
JOHN: cousin is Sam
DJ LETHAL: samples from former House Of Pain

THE LEGENDARY PHONE CONVO: Before Limp left for LA, Jordan Shur of FLip records falled Fred. Schur was disappointed that limp would be signing with Mojo records and Not his label, Flip. Durst told schur that the only way he would sign with Flip is if they crased their van on the way to LA. The next day, Bizkits van flipped over 3 times nearly killing every member. They later signed to Flip.


Limp Bizkit is anything but what's implied by its unusual moniker which, by the way, refers to the "limp bizkit" brain of one of the band's "burnt out, pot-smoking maniac" roadies. These Jacksonville gents possess one helluva monstrous sound that will literally knock the wind right out of you. Dark, intense, powerful, enlightening and energetic Limp Bizkit redefines any and all musical genre barriers while creating an entirely new standard for aggressive music. Definitely a leader and not a follower, Limp Bizkit slams out a completely innovative, singular sound steeped in funky-ass bass grinds, tinges of jazzy percussion, phat hip-hop grooves, jagged guitar riffs and an overall intensity that packs a wallop with more bite than a pissed off pitbull on crack. The vocals range from angry outbursts and vein-popping screams to groovy little raps and soft spoken, seductive whispers. The Bizkit began in late 1994 when vocalist Fred Durst hooked up with his long time friend and bass player, Sam Rivers, who in turn recommended bringing his jazz drumming cousin, John Otto, in to round out the rhythm section. Before long, guitarist Wes Borland and DJ Lethal (House of Pain) joined the fold and Limp Bizkit was born. Their first break came when a little (ahem) band by the name of Korn played their first gig in the Jacksonville area. After the show, Korn's bassist Fieldy and guitarist Head met up with Fred and went back to his place to get a few tattoos (Fred is not only an amazing singer, but also an accomplished tattoo artist). An instant bond of friendship was struck between them and the next time Korn came back to Jacksonville they hooked up with Fred again. This time Fieldy and Head heard the Limp Bizkit demo and were immediately impressed with the band's powerful sound so much so that they promised to pass the tape along to producer Ross Robinson (Sepultura, Korn). They did, and Ross loved it. The buzz on the band began to intensify twofold and, as a result, Limp Bizkit landed a tour with House of Pain and another with the Deftones. Offers from record labels across the country began pouring in. After carefully considering all of the deals, Limp Bizkit chose to sign with up-and-coming indie label Flip Records, which in turn brought them to Interscope. Produced by Ross Robinson and mixed by Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins), Limp Bizkit's phenomenal debut album, Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$, blends the perfect amount of street-wise attitude, honest emotion, slammin' grinds, instantly infectious grooves and powerful Iyrics into one huge, bubbling cauldron of intense power. The Iyrics are as potent as they are personal and the band's straight from the heart style of songwriting will appeal to all audiences. The furious, vengeful "Counterfeit" retaliates against "fake people" who change themselves and their appearance just to fit in with a certain crowd, while the encapsulation, shuddering explosion of "Pollution" rages against people who constantly criticize loud music as "noise pollution." The jazz-encrusted, angry reproach of"Stuck" strikes out against individuals who are motivated solely by greed and the catchy, groove-laden "Stalemate" digs deep into the festering heart of a relationship gone sour. Every song is a must-listen.