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  • he says he looks at a girls smile before anything else
  • he loves to mix his own tapes and download MP3's off the internet
  • admires producer Jermaine Dupri
  • hopes to meet fellow Sony music artist Sade
  • loves to raid candy stores
  • he can spent a whole day at the movies
  • loves Columbus because it is safe, clean, and people are real
  • loves to visit New York
  • loves to try new types of food
  • loves to talk about his music with his fans
  • loves that he is getting respect from older people
  • considers the girls in Xscape close friends
  • Jermaine says that Bow Wow reminds him of a young Michael Jackson
  • Considers himself a mixture of both the old and new school style of rap
  • Filmed a guest spot on Nickelodeon's The Brothers Garcia.
  • Bow Wow started rapping when he was 5 years old.
  • He made guest appearances on the Dre's Chronic Tour, Snoop's Doggy Style, Will Smith's Wild Wild West and Jermaine Dupri's Big Mama's House.
  • "Bounce With Me" was the #1 Rap single for 8 weeks.
  • The writers on "Bounce With Me" are Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri and  Da Brat.
  • He has/had a dog named Soldier and a turtle named Snoop.

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REAL NAME: Shad Moss
BIGGEST INFLUENCES: Jermaine Dubpri, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Cash Money Millionaires, and Xzhibit
FAVORITE FOODS: Pizza, Mac and cheese, Spaghetti, and Cheeseburgers
DEBUT CD: Beware Of Dog
RECORD LABEL: So SO Def/Columbia
GOAL AS A RECORDING ARTIST: Longevity and to help launch new artists
SOUNDTRACKS HE APPEARED ON: Wild Wild West, and Big Mammas House
FIRST PROFESSIONAL GIG: Opening for the Chronic Tour thanks to Snoop Dogg getting him the gig
HIS LARGEST COLLECTION: Cd's and then sneakers (he has a special passion for red ones)
FAMOUS LADIES HE FINDS ATTRACTIVE: Jada Pinkitt-Smith and Janet Jackson
FAVORITE SPORTS: Basketball, Baseball, and Football
BIGGEST CONFESSION: Admits to wishing he was in regular school sometimes-and also, to be an actor someday
HOBBIES: Watching sports, going to video game places and CD Stores, talking to his management about new info, photos, and sound files he wants to but on his website.
WHAT FANS DONT KNOW ABOUT HIM: He is really a neat guy-while most kids are slobs. "I like to know where everything is," he reveals.