You Know Your Obsessed With Good Charlotte When...


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***I have a NEW GC Forum.*** Or Check Out My Old Good Charlotte Forum (Do NOT Talk About How 'Hot' They Are, Talk About Their MUSIC!)

The Links To The Left DO NOT Deal With GC. Only This Page Does.

Note: I did NOT write any of this. I got it from a friend who gave it to me and the rest were submitted by visitors...

1. Your parents know the words to all the Good Charlotte songs.

2. After you find out that the guys in Good Charlotte like a certain group you thought nothing of before, that group starts to sound pretty darn good.

3. You stay up till 3:30 am just to listen to "Little Things" in case it comes on HFS. (Remember when we actually had to do that!)

4. You know that you will be loving Good Charlotte until you die, and go to concerts and mosh when you're 50.

5. You and a fellow Good Charlotte fan/girl/groupie/buddy have Good Charlotte nights together (a sacred ritual not to be messed with)

6. You want to be best friends with anyone who walks by in a Good Charlotte shirt, or humming a Good Charlotte tune.

7. You seriously stalk Steve, Good Charlotte's manager.

8. You invited the guys in Good Charlotte to your birthday party, even though you barely know them.

9. You know all of the Good Charlotte boy's family members.

10. You love going to Good Charlotte concerts because you are "among your people" (the people who really know good music).

11. You ran 60mph with an instant camera in your underwear to snap pictures of those o so sexy boys.

12. The first instant you saw Good Charlotte in the flesh your heart skipped a beat, or actually a few beats.

13. You have never wanted to be in a band so bad before.

14. The more people who associate your name with Good Charlotte any time they hear about them, the better.

15. Your concert tickets are framed on your wall (hey i thought everyone did that??).

16. You swear that Joel, Benji, Aaron, Paul, or Billy looked at you for at least one millisecond even though you were buried under 3 people.

17. You're doing something like this with your time.

18. If you had to get a tattoo it would be Good Charlotte, the GC logo, or a tatoo like one of the GC boys has somewhere on your body.

19. At least once you have woken-up and the first thing on your mind is Good Charlotte.

20. You would do ANYTHING for backstage passes, or a chance to "hook up" with one of those GC guys. (fat chance tho)

21. You have almost busted the redial button on your phone calling a radio station trying to request a GC song.

22. You have harassed at least one innocent person connected with putting on a Good Charlotte concert for one reason or another.

23. Anyone who prevents you from getting as close to the stage as possible is DEAD!

24. You have stolen Good Charlotte (the balloons, posters, etc.) promotional material while authorities were watching and run for your life- and now that material is proudly hanging in your room where it belongs.

25. You screamed and jumped around the one hour photo shop when you got your pictures back from the show, and once again scared innocent bystanders. :)

26. You have weird Good Charlotte dreams.

27. You wish you could dream about the Good Charlotte boys every night.

28. You still haven't thrown anything away or taken anything out of the bag (besides clothes) that you took on a trip to a distant Good Charlotte concert.

29. There is no Good Charlotte song you don't love with a passion.

30. If you see or hear a line from any Good Charlotte song anywhere, you can finish the song.

31. You have Good Charlotte "connections".

32. Study time very easily turns into Good Charlotte sing-a-long time.

33. Suddenly, every guy with hair like Benji's or an eyebrow ring is drop dead sexy.

34. It's so easy for you to find friends at a Good Charlotte concert.

35. You would give your little toe to spend an entire day and night with the Good Charlotte boys.

36. If you met the hottest guy/girl they would be as good as gone if they dissed Good Charlotte

37. You would cancel your life for a year to go on tour with Good Charlotte.

38. You are hastily trying to form a band so that when Good Charlotte goes on tour you can be their opening act.

39. Your parents worry about you.

40. You taught yourself how to play at least one Good Charlotte song on the piano/guitar, etc.

41. Girls:  you would be the love slave of any/all of the guys anytime, anyplace, any space.

42. You sit and stare into the eyes of Joel, Benji, Aaron Billy, or Paul on a picture or poster until you loose focus.

43. You have listened to a Good Charlotte song and just listened to Aaron's drumming, Paul's base chords, etc.

44. You know you would be the perfect, gorgeous person for a Good Charlotte video and are desperately wanting to be discovered.  

45. You have met at least one of your best friends due to Good Charlotte.

46. Your hobby is Good Charlotte.

47. You skipped school/work to buy their CD the second the store opened on SEPTEMBER 26TH!!!!!!

48. You skipped school/work to go to the HFS Snow Job to see Good Charlotte. 49. Your friends call you when they hear something about Good Charlotte on the radio.

50. You countdown the days on your calendar to a Good Charlotte concert.

51. If you ever have any kids(boys) their names will be Joel, Benji, Aaron, Billy, or Paul.

52. You make a Good Charlotte web page.  (we're all obsessed then)

53. You'd risk your life to stand up to someone who has said something Good Charlotte negative.

54. You boycott any station, be it EMPTYV or a local radio station who refuses to play Good Charlotte.

55. You stay online for hours explaining your Good Charlotte love to those who mistake you for a GC teenybopper.

56. You just have this feeling to check the radio station cuz you know a GC song is on!!

57. When you touch the radio Good Charlotte automatically comes on.

58. You scream when you see a person with a Good Charlotte shirt on and you want to run up to them and start a huge GC conversation.

59. You are going to the Nsync concert, or any other show where GC isn't playing and wear your Good Charlotte shirt to promote them.

60. You check to see if there are any new Good Charlotte tour dates even when you know they're not on tour and that their recording.

61. If you have anything that a Good Charlotte boy also has, or has given you,  you name it after them (ie. A necklace like Benji's ~A BENJI NECKLACE)

62. You feel like ripping out your hair every time someone tells you to: "Get over it! You Psycho Good Charlotte Lover, they are never gonna marry or date you"!!!!!!!!

63. When you make your 2 year-old brother memorize the lyrics to GC.

64. You constantly randomly think "i wonder what Joel, Benji, Billy, Aaron, & Paul are doing right now?", or you KNOW exactly what they are doing at any certain moment.

65. You constantly talk about Good Charlotte like you know all of them.

66. If you could live one place in the entire world it would be: WALDORF WORLDWIDE!!!!!!  or Naptown Baby!

67. When you send your teachers to a mental institution becuse you won't stop singing GC songs in their class!! =)

68. When you steal jelly packets from a restaurant because it says Waldorf on it!

69. When your mother has dreams about the band and can tell you who thy were by their names.

70. When your teachers start to ban you from saying the band's name or any of the members names in their class because they can't stand BILLY THIS, BENJI THAT, OMG JOEL THIS, WOW PAUL SAID THIS, OR GC WAS ON LAST NIGHT!!!

71. You watch undergrads just cause of the theme song and the GC poster in Nitz and Cal's room!

72. You had Benji sign your stomach and the next day went to a tattoo parlor to have them tattoo over it so that you could have benji's signature on you forever =)

73. When you are a Good Charlotte groupie and follows them around everywhere!

74. At a concert you consider anyone who tries to stand in front of you a russian spy.

75. When a commercial comes on during All Things Rock you curse out your t.v. then appologise when they come back on!

76. You hear even the slightest sound that sounded like something from GC and spazz out.

77. You see the word 'Made' in a store and even book and have an orgy.

78. You cry when someone doesn't know who Good Charlotte is.

79. You yell at anyone one who is a teeniebopper or prep.

80. You actually read this entire list just to see if you had anything in common and found out that some of these things you don't do and you now think you're not the #1 GC fan.

81. If you live in PA and fly to FL just to see them.

82. When you wont let ANYBODY touch your 'Good Charlotte Wall'.

83. When you raid grocery stores and buy all the magazines and frantically look for ANY pictures and ANY comments about GC.

84. When you own almost 50 hamsters and still buying more.

85. Your favorite non-gc site is ''.

86. Your a GC message board/forum addict.

87. You hang around nothing but GC fans and talk about nothing but GC. If someone changes the subject...then they are out of the group forever.

88. You suddenly love every band they ever toured with.

89. Your teachers get so mad cause they can't read your writing when all they see is "I Love GC" everywhere on the paper.

90. You actually wrote a book report on the band.

91. You own all their merchandise x3.

92. You seen EVERY GC site EVER made.

93. When 4 months before their concert, your counting down to the day/hour/and minute of it.

94. You know all the words to all the songs.

95. You know everything about everybody in GC.

96. When you spend hours upon hours on the net looking for GC pictures you can't even print off.

97. You convince your family to cancel your easter vacation so that you can go see GC in concert.

98. You play your GC music as loud as possible, 24/7, just to make your neighbors mad.

99. When you find yourself buying accessories at Hot Topic just because you've seen one of the Good Charlotte band members wearing something like it.

100. When you buy the same shirt that Benji wore once before.

101. When you give a mohawk to your cat named Cashdawg (after the boys number one stuna dog) and dye the hair like Benji.

102. When something Good Charlotte is around, your GC senses start tingling.

103. When you know all 127 of Billy's Hamster's names.

104. When You highlite every tag on your clothing that says 'Made'. Like 'Made In China'.

105. When you think, breathe, eat and sleep GC.

106. You haven't washed the shirt you wore to the first GC concert you went to, and when your friends say thats gross . you claim that 'it still smells like good charlotte'.

107. When you yell at somebody who likes the same person in GC as you do.

108. When you think you and your best friend are twins just because Joel and Benji are.

109. When you start crying because you have just seen Joel Madden!

110. You answered yes to most of these questions.

111. You plan for days to sneak past the 'rents at 3 am, just to see All Things Rock!

112. When you want so desperetly to meet them and would die for just to hang out with them!

113. When you buy the same clothes that Good Charlotte wears.

114. When you lock yourself in your room for a month after your parents wont let you go to a GC concert.

115. When you dream about having Benji's kids!

116. When you find yourself looking everywhere just for a "Made" jacket so you can think of them everytime you see it.

117. When you're totally convinced that you're married to Benji/Joel/Billy/or Paul.

118. When you spend 3 hours a night looking at pictures of the guys.

119. When all their songs become your fave and then they dont stop playin in your head.

120. You have a tattoo saying GC, or Joel, Benji, Paul, Billy is sexy.

121. When at a concert you sneak backstage and have to get carried out by security, yet your still convinced they will come and get you.

122. You talk and think and dress like good charlotte.

123. When even you're mom is notifying you when something about GC comes on T.V.

124. Your pick-up line: 'Hey, do you like Good Charlotte?'.

125. You say that people that don't like Good Charlotte (even the slighest bit) are known as the unworthy.

126. When you get in a fight (body contact) w/ your big sis or bro because he/she thinks that GC stinks or when you are fighting for another thing you say you win the fight because you are more obsessed than they are.

127. When no one is home you either play the music really loud and do a "music video with Good Charlotte" or dress up and have your "wedding" with Benji, Joel, Billy, or Paul.

128. When you spend at least an hour in the shower even though you know you'll get in trouble just so you can see if your mom or dad can hear you singing the anthem or lifestyles over the water.

129. When you have yourself married to Billy Martin, Benji Madden, Joel Madden, or Paul on the Sims and have at least one baby and lots of kissing!!

130. When you cry for three hours just because you missed a Good Charlotte program.

131. When the only reason you get up in the morning is because you heard a Good Charlotte song on the TV down stairs and you run down the stairs as fast as you can and you start jumping around like a mad man.

132. If you hear one of the members names you jump up and down screaming and crying.

133. When you belong to more than 10 GC fanclubs. ( They are all different somehow!)

134. You're favorite quote is a quote that one of the boys have said. 135.

When you buy a boxer dog JUST like Cash Dawg and name it Lil Cash

136. When you call yourself Mrs.Martin, Mrs.Madden or Mrs.Tomahs.

137. When you watch MTV for 6 hours straight just in case GC is on anything.

138. When all of a sudden nothing in your life (friends, family, school, ect.) seems to matter anymore compared to GC.

139. When you buy bubble gum, chew it and make a benji shrine and sit in front of it for hours moaning and grunting.

140. When you knock out people to get a ticket to there show.

141. When you make your room look like Joel's in the Girls & Boys music video and you say to people that Joel used your room for the GC music video!!!

142. When you tell your boyfriend he's dumped unless he puts on smudged mascara and dyes his hair lepord skin.

143. When you sing a GC song in front of your folks (who are into old fashioned music), they know all the words and sing along with you and you dont get embarrassed (your proud).

144. When you pleasure yourself to one or all of them.

145. When you dream about meeting them on MTVs' Fantatic, or even talking about them on Fanography.

146. When you meet them backstage and you tell them everything you know about their family members.even things THEY didnt know!!!

147. When Good Charlotte or a member is on tv no one is allowed to talk untill you get to see them.

148. When your friends get mad at you for talking about Good Charlotte all the time and they ignore you until you stop.

149. When you stay up til 3:00 Monday morning and 4:00 Tuesday morning just so you can see "All Things Rock".

150. If you even hear or see someone who remotely looks like any of the guys, you cant help but go into a series of spasmic fits.

151. When you cover your binder, folders, notebooks, and backpack with pins and pix of GC. 2 months before school starts and cover your locker with them on the first day.

152. When you go into chat rooms specifically to start (and win) a GC pop quiz.

153. When you make a statue to Benji, (life size) put clothes on it and feed it grapes.

154. When you make a shrine to Good Charlotte, sit in front of it everynight, light all 300 candles and chant for 5 hours.

155. When you start wearing the same brand of clothes as them: Level 27 & MADE.

156. When your computur desktop has pics of GC & GC icons and when the computer starts it plays a part of a GC song

157. When saying your prayers you acidentally say Good Charlotte instead of God.

158. When you listen to there CD 85 times in 4 days 1-14 singing every word.

159. When you think you are their #1 fan.

160. When you persuade your grandparents to help you re-create the dance Joel does with the old people on the Girls and Boys video.

161. When your mom has dreams that Joel is your good family friend, sits on the couch and asks you to rub his feet.

162. When you scour the internet and have read every fanpage and seen and looked at every picture on the internet to make collages of Billy, Joel, Benji, Paul, Chris, and Aaron and all of Billy's hamsters, just so u can look at them for 5 hours at a time.

163. When you go to make christmas cookies and write "Merry Benji" on them, rather than "Merry Christmas".

164. When you answer every question asked to you in a Good Charlotte lyric.

165. When someone ask how you are and you say "Great I know about Good Charlotte".

166. When you have your whole wedding to (insert gc member) planned to a tee.

167. Crying over them when you realize you may not ever meet them.

168. You are listening to Good Charlotte right now.

169. People say mean stuff about them in front of you because they know they'll get a reaction.

170. You have lipstick marks all over your gc posters and pics.

171. When you sing 'The Anthem' to your parents when they say you have to do something they want you to do.

172. You copy their cd's so that you can't wear out or scratch the originals.

173. When you're in a shop and one of their songs come on, you dont care that people think you have a some weird disease cause your playing the air-guitar.

174. When you get a rush of adrenaline every time you hear one of their songs or see a picture of them.

175. When you become over the limits of being obsessed and start losing all senses of reality. And the only thing on your mind is, "Do yu think Joel, Benji, Billy, Paul, or Chris be interested in meeting their all time biggest fan of all time." Or you could just lose all sense of reality for Good Charlotte.

176. when you meet them, you ask your favourite Good Charlotte member to donate to your personal sperm bank and hold up a mini glass bottle.

177. When you have a work shirt with Joel written on the name tag.

178. When you are going as Benji's female twin for halloween .

179. When you wait outside of a Target that your friend once saw them in for their return.

180. When evil leprechauns attack you, and all you can say is "The Power of GC commands you!".

181. Instead of saying "Oh My God" you say "Oh My Good Charlotte".

182. When you think you hear someone in your room at night, and get up and ask all the guys on your GC poster if they saw anybody.

183. When you draw the guys on a piece of paper or make dolls of them and start telling them your problems like they are your psychologist.

184. When you read this list 150 times a day, just to be sure you have everything checked off.

185. When you cuss out a complete stranger for saying that they don't care what Good Charlotte thinks about them.

186. If you have pictures of Good Charlotte, but wont put them in your locker at school cause your afraid they might get ruined.

187. When they win an award on MTV you scream and sit in front of the tv and stare and scream!!

188. Whenever you try to sing a non-GC song it always comes out to the tune of "The Anthem", or when you try to write your own song it always seems to be about GC or to a GC tune.

189. You turn up your speakers all the way and still think that it's too quiet; you have to feel like your actually at one of their concerts.

190. When you become completely unaware of reality and go for days at a time without eating and sleeping just to listen to the 'Young & The Hopeless' CD 1000 times while singing every word of every song and humming the background music when there are no vocals.

191. When you become obsessed with ca$hdogg and go on about him in the "Lifestyles Of The Rich & The Famous" video!!!!

192. When you go to sleep every night thinking of Good Charlotte.

193. When you meet people, you're like "bag GC and die!".

194. When you have already planned your trip to the nearest music store during school when they release their third album, complete with forged note for the teachers.

195. When you run to the store to buy the new magazine with wet hair and a housecoat on, just because your friend called you to tell you theres something about Good Charlotte in the 'zine.

196. When you so badly want to change your name to Charlotte, or change it so your initials are GC.

197. When you name your fish after them and know everything about them.

198. When you search the web everyday just to make sure you have seen all the GC sites..and always check in with your old account at the CiclePitt to see whats new with them

199. You write one of the GC boys names on your hands with a heart around it.

200. When you get your finger prints changed to exactly match your fave member of Good Charlotte!

201. When you want The Anthem played at your funeral.

202. You have already planned your trip to the nearest music store during school when they release their third album, complete with forged note for the teachers.

203. When you have over 200 pics of GC on your MSN.

204, When everyone hates you because you're so obsessed and because you wanna marry GC.

205. If you see someone that looks like Benji, you flip out and fall in love.

206. When all you can think about is where is Billy, Benji, Joel, Paul, and Chris 24/7 and hope that when you are walking down the street that you will see them.

207. When you record every one of their radio and T.V. appearances.

208. When you change your favorite number to your fave GC guy's age or lucky number.

209. When you staple and tape your millions of GC pics to all of your belongings (including your clothes).

210. You decide to go to a college nearest to Waldorf and live there in hopes to meet them.

211. When you search the internet and magazines for pics of GC to drool over!

212. When you build an addition onto your house and call it the "Good Charlotte room". needless to say, GC is all over it.

213. When your beating up your best mate or worst enemy to get money for their new single or album.

214. When you cry for days and refuse to set foot in your bedroom because your parents re-decorated your room and put all your prized GC posters in the bin and wont let you put any more up because it will ruin the wall. (Thats what they think!) But clearly it will make them look 100 times better! Boo Hoo!

215. When you laminate all your pics of GC just in case some dust hits them when your not holding them (like you'll ever put em' down!).

216. You named each side of your wall after a GC member.

217. When you renamed any food Good Charlotte.

218. You have made up a song that goes something like this: 'We're happy little GC fans as happy as can be, we all adore our GC boys as hot as hot can be, mummy says I look more like benji every single week because we love our GC boys we all adore our GC boys we wrote this song about them too'.

219. You put your hair in "Benji" spikes and go harass people at the movies.

220. When you start making up songs about Good Charlotte.

221. When your favorite quote is 'Benji butt' or 'Billy goat'.

222. When you mean to say one of your friends' names, you always end up saying something about Benji, Joel, Billy, Paul and Chris.

223. When you imagine being there little sister :)

224. When after you laminate all of your GC pics, you relize that there are so many it is not possible to hold them all.

225. When you plan you attack all the girls who are a huge fan of Billy, Aaron, Joel, Benji or Paul. You hope they don't stay up late.

226. When you make out with a pic of Benji for 1/2 hour on your bed and your mom sees you.

227. You buy the Simple plan album just because Joel sings backup vocals on "You Don't Mean Anything".

228. You go around and start saying phrases off GCs albums. (maybe its cause you've listened to 'em so much!)

229. When you buy a new Good Charlotte cd everytime your other one has a little scratch on it.

230. When you make a list of goals to do with Benji and one of them includes having his child.

231. When at least 1 of your pets are named after the GC Boys.

232. When you buy a black pencil case for school just so you can white out GC on it, and do it 50 billion times.

233. When you try to at least try to sound like Joel or Benji from all of their songs. Finally get the point oh yea its on and you cant stop singing!!!!

You sign your name as, '(your name) Madden'.

234. When a GC song is on the radio and you have to go to the bathroom really bad and you don't wanna miss it so you just go in your pants.

235. When you find out that you're going to go to a Good Charlotte concert with your friends, and write them each 100 notes a day, saying how you're going and you're so proud and you're "concerties" because you're all going to the concert!

236. You have a reflex so that every time someone bags gc you hit them, even if they're your best non-gc friend.

237. You try to copy everything that they do. like once you put pva gel in your hair just so it could be as spikey as Benjis hair.

238. When you want to name your new baby brother Benji, Joel, Billy, Chris, Billy, Or Paul!!! :)

239. When you just totally can't get enough of them. And you listen to their music 24-7!

240. When you chase after people (and scare them) with GC posters etc claiming you're "just spreading the word bout GC".

241. You love them all way to much and your parents kick you out of the house with all your "prized possesions" and you start a new life in Waldorf.

242. You go to the store to buy something non GC but see something GC and buy it instead.

243. When you only use Cover Girl makeup so that when you are puting it on in front of a mirror, you sort of see the initials GC.

244. When you and your friends take barbie dolls and "punk them out" so that they look like Billy, Benji, Joel, and Paul and then take your parents' video camera and make the barbie's have a concert.

245. Whenever you hear the name Charlotte, you turn around in case someone's talking about them.

246. If you sit all day in school and when your sleeping and you hum the GC songs and you do everything in your power to let ever one know you love them and make sure every one around you loves them.

248. When you know their every move.

249. When you always get info on them and your whole notebook is full of GC.

250. When they are like your role models.

251. When you scream when they are on TV, radio or when you hear the words 'Good Charlotte'.

252. You count down the days until their next video comes out.

253. When you write Billy, Benji, Joel, ect... on your arm at school so many times that your arm looks the color of your pen, marker, crayon ect....

254. When you know that you will like them forever.

255. When you sit in class and write out the lyrics to their songs over and over again.

266. When you want to murder the AIM executives because the screenname BiLLyShOnOrArYhAmStEr128 is too big to be allowed as a screenname so you are forced to use it only as a GC message board s/n...

267. If somebody says something offensive about them and you turn around and tell them to shutup.

268. You know all of Good Charlottes lyrics backwards!

269. You have a huge binder full of thier pictures and articles and you only let the most cleanest of people touch/see/look through it.

270. That you add every email address that says Billy Martin, Joel Madden, Benji Madden, Paul Thomas, Made, Level 27, or Cashdogg just to see if its them.

271. When you know the names of all of their family members.

272. When you always wonder what it would be like if Benji called you up onstage to sing a song with them then right before you left the stage he would give you a big fat kiss on your cheek...or you LIPS!!!!

273. When you put 'TM' next to the word Made after every time you write it

274. You have a notebook dedicated to them...full of pics and quotes and lyrics and autographs and concert ticket stubs.....

275. You can assiociate any sentence with Good Charlotte

276. When you go on their site every day to check if they have responded to your email you sent them.

277. When your tv screen is wet, flat, has a hole in it, or you taste glass cleaner for a couple months

278. When you do every project you can on GC

279. When you dedicate your whole wallet album to one of the GC members.

280. You haven't listened to your Good Charlotte cd in 4 days and you are constantly humming a GC song and all your friends are telling you to shut up

281. When if the boys in GC showed up at your school/work/house and someone else got to them first they would tell them to go to you.

282. You stay on the phone for an hour and talk about Good Charlotte until you absolutely have to get off the phone but you still stay on the phone anyways.

283. You run out of the house crying because your parents won't let you go to a GC concert!!

284. You keep voo doo dolls of each member so that everytime you find out they are dating someone that's not you then you can attack the doll.

285. When people make fun of them and you call a group of friends to kick their ass.

286. You write their songs over and over before and after your homework is done and you draw pictures of Joel and the GC logo and write their names over and over

287. When you buy 5 cd's just in case one of the cd's gets scratched.

288. When you see a magazine with the tiniest article of them in it, you buy 5 of them.

289. When your parents once considered taking you to a psychologist.

290. You know the names of everyone in there music videos.

291. If a doc was to examine your brain..he would probably see GC logos on it or something because GC is all that you are about.

292. You are here, and putting up a way that you are obsessed!

293. When your in a store and a Good Charlotte song comes on and someone yells 'Good Charlotte sucks!' you yell 'Shut the fuck up ass hole they kick ass!!!'

294. You've named your right thumb billy, your right pointer finger Paul, your right middle finger Benji, your right ring finger Joel, your right pinky Chris, you're left thumb Billy Jr, your right pointer finger Paul Jr....

295. When you draw a picture of benji on your sheets so you can be "sleeping with him"!!

296. If you burn or carve the GC logo into your skin just so you can have a scar that says their band logo.

297. When you have every single thing on tv of them taped. Even a few minutes before and after the show in case it was early or was overtime!

298. You set your internet explorer homepage to

299. You can't go to sleep unless you have heard at least one of their songs.

300. When your teachers know ALL the words to ALL the songs cause you sing them so much in class.

301. When you curse your teacher under your breath because they said that liking GC was a phase.

302. Every time you talk about Good Charlotte, your friends ask if you are stoned.

303. Your rule for life is you have to listen to at least one GC album every day if not all of them.

304. When you are a guy and all you do is listen to them 24/7 and think they are the best group since Blink 182.

305. When you can listen to a GC song in your head, when your friends are all singing a song by some band that sucks.

306. You converted all your friends into Good Charlotte fans

307. On every page of your notebook you see the word GC/Joel/Benji/Billy/Paul/Chris at least once

308. You are known as "That Guy/Girl who is obsessed with Good Charlotte

309. The last time you listened to a CD other than a Good Charlotte one was too long ago to remember

310. You attack anyone who calls GC "Bad Charlotte"

311. The last thing you thought about was Good Charlotte

312. The next thing you'll think about will be Good Charlotte

313. You lose your best friend forever because he/she doesn't like GC anymore.

314. you buy 5 KoRn rag dolls, style their hair differently, make different clothes for them and call them KoRn Joel, KoRn Benji, KoRn Billy.. ect.

315. You attack anyone who calls Good Charlotte "Bad Charlotte" and wave a picture of them in front of their faces and yell, "MAY THE CURSE OF GOOD CHARLOTTE BE UPON YOU!!!"

316. When you have a marriage certificate made for you and Benji.

317. When all of a sudden you start getting all the same peircings as Benji even though you used to HATE peircings.

318. When you write BILLY on your body so many times (every day) that it starts to not come off even after scrubbing it for half an hour. And when you miss something that even has to do with Billy, you start to cry.

319. When you have a teddy bear named after Benji or any other member of GC!

320. When you have to go to one of those crappy prep rallys and instead of yelling the dumb cheer, you start screaming a Good Charlotte song.

321. When you start planning reservations for the concert before they have their tour dates out!

322. When you are willing to sleep with hobos for a year to have Good Charlotte live with you for one week.

323. Your one of the guys for halloween. (THIS IS MEANT AS A COMPLIMENT!)

324. When your friends say that you are totally psycho about them and that you need some help.

325. When your best friend starts to diss them and you tell her off:)

326. When you listen to at least one of their cds so many times, that your sis who hates GC knows all the words, then goes and tells your dad to make you turn it off, then later that night when she sleeps, you turn it back on.

327. When you are at the concert at 5 a.m. and it doesn't start till 8 p.m.

328. When you hear the bass of someones car drive by and you know they are listening to "The Anthem".

329. When you have saved up sooooo much money to go and see them but they had to cancel their concert because of some other crap band so you buy a million posters of this other crap band and burn them all.

330. Reading this whole list and saying "I've done that!" to most/all of them.

331. When you are the captain of the cheerleading squad and you make them do the half-time show to a Good Charlotte Song

332. When preps try to sing one of their songs and you yell "You are a wannabe and you will never know the words to their songs so shut the fuck up"

333. When you can't find your bedroom walls anymore because of all 90 billion Good Chalotte pics you have up... or when you have a "Good Charlotte worship center" on your wall.

334. You see Joel step on a peice of crap and you save it in a plastic bag!!

335. You could just kill the innocent person who would not allow you to go near the stage!!

336. When you scream at your teacher for asking is Good Charlotte the band who sang Year 3000 and threaten to report her to the board of education and sue her for every penny she has.

337. When you buy every piece of merchandise out there....and still want more!

338. When you name your saxophone Joel. :-P

339. When you tune into the radio, and you hear one note of a GC song, you start singing in the right place, at the right time....

340. When you are in an actual unofficial Good Charlotte fan club. Consisting of only five members, each member liking a different member of the band. (and everything you own has some kind of Good Charlotte logo on it.)

341. When you tattoed one of the guys name on your hip.. even if you're only 14..

342. When you had your mom sew GC logos all over your bed sheets no matter how uncomfortable it is.

343. If there is someone called Ben or William you will now start calling them Benji and Billy.

344. When you get into an arguement with your parents because they said Good Charlotte sucks!??! Can you believe that?!

345. When you start yelling at your moms boyfriend because he says its just a child-like obsession.

346. When your mom goes to the concert with you, and you run off as soon as you get to the concert and your right on time to see GC perform, and you forget that your mom has backstage passes and you run into the crowd and you see your mom backstage and start yelling her name till she brings you backstage. and you only get to meet Benji, only to find out later that your mom had been hanging out with the whole band in the green room earlier.

347. When you nickname your friends after the band members just so you can feel like you know them.

348. When you have to buy a brand new pack of notebook paper every day b/c of all of your GC drawings.

349. When you have read this whole list and still want to read more cause you think its not enough!

350. When you ask for your guitar, you ask "where's my guidcharlotte?"

351. When you are a girl and you get your hair cut like Billy's and go to a school dance, or Spike your hair for school every morning.

352. When you write lyrics to their songs on your Science notebook.

353. When you write "GC 4 life" on every doller bill you come in contact with.

354. You spend hours making a fansite.

355. When for some reason it says Good Charlotte, Joel, Benji, Chris, Paul, Billy and Aaron in every place you have been. Like every room, every car, and every class room.

356. When you say billy's hamsters names so much that your friends all know their names.

357. When you're backstage and you see benji,joel, billy...etc. and start drooling then yell out his name and ask for a kiss and a hug.

358. If you cancel a 18 hour trip to go and see you dad that you havent seen in a year to go to a Good Charlotte concert!

359. When you starve yourself for a week just to collect up your lunch money and go buy something GC related with it.

360. When you literally plasticise your hand after shaking hands with a GC member.

361. When you go around school talking about how much you "Love My Roly Poly Holey Moely Joely" O.o;

362. When you go to there concert and wait outside until 3:00 am just to meet them!

363. You see Benji at a store or mall and then you see that he has touched something and you immediately want to buy it, even if it costs you a fortune!!!

364. When you start to love Nightmare Before Christmas just because Billy does.

365. You got tatally pissed off when your mom thought Good Charlotte was a girl group 'cause of the name and when your dad said that they were sick and were sissies. I DO NOT THINK SO!!! DUMB PARENTS SOMETIMES!!!>:-(

366. If you have a pic of joel on your wall and you make out with it every night.

367. When you write "Good Charlotte" on your wall with permanent marker!

368. When you dance funny to GC songs and pretend to be having a six-some with all the members at the same time   -even when you aren't alone-.

369. You cry tears of joy when you see them at the mall.

370. You bought their debut album "Good Charlotte" just because they redesigned the art on the cover.

371. All of your family including your parents have posters of them hanging up on thier wall.

372. When you randomly just throw out comments about them even though you might be talking about what to have for dinner!!!! yea thats it, GOOD CHARLOTTE, is good, yea GOOD CHARLOTTE is great...

373. Any clothing worn to a GC concert is considered sacred and you know even if you grow out of them you will always keep them.

374. You ask to keep the bands that were on your braces at the GC concert.

375. Your new year's resolution is to listen to at least one GC song every day but hopefully you can listen to both cd's.

376. You have a Good Charlotte shirt for every day of the week.

377. Your grandmother actually knows who Benji is.

378. When you see a prep wearing a GC shirt you automatically think teenybopper and hope they die.

379. When you've written Benji Madden in permanent marker on the sidewalk at school.

380. You take the lighty thingy you got from the concert to school and start playing with it while your dance teacher is talking directly to you all the while wishing Benji would show up and rip out her throat already.

381. When you have a notebook filled with info and pictures of the guys and you get a referral for completely ignoring your dance teacher and flipping through the notebook happily.

382. When you get an email from someone who read your Live Journal who says they feel bad for you that you like GC that much and you reply by saying you feel bad for them cuz they don't have GC in their lives.

383. When you write your return address as (your name) Madden on your christmas cards for your friends.

384. In french class when it's your turn to describe a famous person in French (of course!) the whole class knows it's Benji even though you only say the hair color and age.

385. When your biggest wish in life is to have Benji come to your dance class and "rip out the throats" of your teacher and choreography group.

386. When you won't respond to any other name besides Benji in your student choreography group and your group actually begins to call you Benji so you'll listen.

387. When your 2 favorite songs on MxPx's new cd are: 'It's Alright' and 'On The Outs' because Benji is featured on them.

388. When you are Benji for halloween and your friends think you have major problems.

389. When your choir teacher hands out a new piece of music called "Festival Song" you completely freak out and look to see if it's GC's version even though you know it won't be. (hehe)

390. You have learned all the harmonies on both cd's just so you can sing Benji's part.

391. When you went out and bought both the Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack and American Wedding Soundtrack just because GC was on it.

392. When you and your best friend write sex stories involving your favorite member and you.

393. You pretend at night that you're sleeping with a GC member and start talking to yourself.

394. When your all 5 walls ( including the ceiling ) are covered in GC posters. Even the littlest pictures are all over you door too!

395. If you became totally obesessed with Good Charlotte in less then a week, meaning buying GC/Made/Level 27 stuff and other stuff that GC likes to wear.

396. You have seen each and every fansite of Good Charlotte on the Internet ................but you still want more!!!! :)

397. If you talk to one of your pics or posters of GC on your wall as if they are right there listening, and when you see that one isn't looking at you you yell at them for not paying attention, then you shortly appologize for yelling at him.

398. When you start saying things to people like "thats such a Billy thing to do"

399. When your Dad starts calling anyone with a cap on backwards Benji.

400. At any GC show you scream, go mad and sing along to every word until you are dangerously dehydrated, even if its a rock festival and the uber-cool people move away to form your own little mosh pit.

401. When you start creating possible video ideas in your head for each song...East Coast Anthem: Joel walking round the streets of DC being followed by rebelling cats.

402. When you kiss you Billy Pillow all the time and say 'It is my good nite *kiss*'.

403. When you only listen to their cd even though you have a million other ones.

404. When you've planned your wedding with your fav member *STAY OFF BENJI AND YES IT'S HEALTHY TO HAVE A BUBBLE GUM SHRINE OF BENJI*

405. You know all of their favorite food, songs, albums, real names, who they've dated and who they are dating and what inspired them.

406. When it's all you can talk to your parents about.

407. When your aunt who lives in another state knows all the GC tunes from you staying the summer with her.

408. When even your grandparents have started to love GC.

409. When at least one of your teachers say 'Bad Charlotte' every time they see you, just because they like to see you get mad.

410. When you talk about about them non-stop and your older sister/brother/friend attempts and usually succeeds in putting a fishbowl on your head to shut you up.

411. When at 4 in the morning you wake your 9 year old sister up even though she has to go to school in the morning and tell her every little detail of what you've just seen on all things rock.

412. When you start calling your little brothers Benji and Joel!!!!!! :)

413. When every sentence that comes out of your mouth starts with Good Charlotte, Benji, Joel, Billy, Paul, Chris or the Young & The Hopeless.

414. When you scream at your parents for walking in front of the tv when one of their videos is playing.

415. Before you knew about Good Charlotte you had a Billy hairstyle and since then you have had one of each members hairstyles at least once.

416. You know you are obsessed when you are filling your wall with posters and humming the tunes in class, also of course when you are on this site swearing again and again on how fit JOEL is!!!

417. You kill Benji and Joel's dad for leaving them *if you ever meet him*.

418. When you make-out with a GC poster.

419. When you and your best friends actually think your going out with one of the GC Boys and you write ' GC MAIL' letters to each other, from your boyfriend...Billy/Benji/Joel/Paul/Chris. And they express thier undying love for you and say they saw you at the show:)

420. You write this whole list down because you cant print it and then laminate it and read it over and over again and again everyday.

421. When you cut out the faces of the band (Billy,Joel,Benji,Paul,Chris) and you glue them to every one of your teddy-bear's faces.

422. When you walk round the place with pink eye shadow because Billy does and if a teacher tells you to remove it, you spend the rest of the lesson trying to persuade her to change her mide because its Billy.

423. When you memorize the video dvd of Good Charlotte!!!

424. You and your friends have GC sleep overs and use bottle after bottle of hair glue to make liberty spikes shile you sing to GC and stare at your OH SO NICE poster of the boys cause heck theres def. NO better way to spend your friday night!

425. When you come on this website 15 times a day just to see if anyone posted anything and you re-read all the Benji and Joel quotes over and over again!

426. When you listen to them so much your younger sister falls in love with them too and you hate her for it b/c she thinks she likes them more then you do, and she forgets that you were the one who got her hooked.

427. When you look on the computer for seven hours straight trying to find the upcoming GOOD CHARLOTTE concerts and tour dates and trying to get tickets and backstage passes to all of them.

428. When you are always protecting our pictures of Benji and Billy.

429. When your brother has Good Charlotte on his birthday cake and you keep the picture of Benji (which your family was forced to carefully remove from the cake) in the freezer so you can always look at it when you open it.

430. When in a GC concert you shout "I LOVE YOU JOEL!!!" really loud in Girls & Boys when he sings "paper or plastic, don't matter, she'll have it!"

431. When your mom is looking at jewelry in the mall and you start looking through the wedding ring catalog to find the ring you want Benji to give to you.

432. If you actually know and understand: B2+J=HOT3

433. You would find out what girls Benji, Joel, Chris, or Paul think are so hott and sexy and act, look and dress just like them for when you go to a concert or anytime.

434. When you yell in a busy parking lot "GOOD CHARLOTTE ROCKS!!!!!" or something related.

435. When you buy 2 fish that are the same kind and name them Joel and Benji.

436. When you get 'Good Charlotte Kicks' Tattooed on your forehead for everyone to see.

437. When your debate club's new favorite debate is whether Good Charlotte is punk or not, soley because of you.

438. When complete strangers know you as "that crazy Good Charlotte girl".

439. When your mom is having a baby boy and you bug her to name him Paul, Billy, Benji, Joel or Chris.

440. When you keep the orange bracelet required if you have floor seats at a Good Charlotte concert and you refuse to remove it from your arm and will wear it until you die.

441. When your little sibling's first word is Good Charlotte (you taught them that)!

442. You have a collage of them on your computer screen.

443. You have a wall full of pics of the whole group including a calendar.

444. Your buddy icon is one of the boys.

445.When You must douse people with Lysol Before they even go near Your Good Charlotte stuff.

446.You have planned out exactly how you will meet Benji when you become legally aged to date and how you will seduce him and become his fianncee on the Oprah Show.

447.You just about killed the poser who wore a GC concert T to school.

448.You decided to tranquilize the GC member you like if they refuse to go out with you and totally apologize when they wake up.

449. When you would murder someone for tickets.

450. When you make your own GC flag and hang it on your car antenna!

451. -You cried the first time you saw the music video "Little Things" because Benji makes out with another girl.

452. You've told all your teachers that your'e gonna marry Benji and you plan on having 12 kids with him.

453. For your biography report for english you chose Benji.

454. You can say Good Charlotte's life story in a minute and a half.

455. You know that the day you turn 18 you will go to a GC concert and give Benji your phone # to call you so you can marry him!

456. Every time you see Good Charlotte at all on TV everyone has to shut up or else they will feel your wrath and you will curse them!

457. When every art project you make is somehow Good Charlotte related and the teacher learns the band members names.

458. When your on the net looking for pix of the GC boys' eating at the same time and when you come across a hott pic of any of the boys, you choke and your mom has to call an ambulance to come save you.

459. If you put a tie, tear strikes, peircings, liberty spikes, and tattoos on your teddy bear, then tell everyone that you slept with Benji.

460. Your mom thinks Billy is the hottest guy and dreams about him just as much as you do Benji.

461. All your friends (and parents) celebrate their b-day.

462. If all the kids at school know you as the GC fan and know that your dream guy is Benji Madden.

463. You know every one of the guys middle names.

464. When you say 'hi' to an imaginary Benji.

465. You have a Good Charlotte shrine.

466. When your little sister (who is two) looks at posters of the boys and has learned to say, "Ooh, hot guys!" even though she can barely say your name.

467. You can smell them on you.

468. When you start a countdown for your favorite band members birthday 50 days in advance. Thats right Good Charlotte fans! You better recognize your band members birthday!

469. When your teacher asks,"Who remembers what GCF means?", you raise your hand and say "Good Charlotte Forever!"

470. When all your school work is done on them.

471. You and your friends spend hours just reciting GC quotes.

472. Your brothers best bud disses them while they are on stage at the Warped Tour and you beat the crap out of him right then, even tho you have a huge crush on him.

473. You want to kill someone if they say something bad about Good Charlotte!

474. Every person that says they love GC, you want to kill them and then say 'By the way, you have good taste.'

475. Every other word you say is: 'GOOD CHARLOTTE'.

476. When a Good Charlotte song comes on on the radio or t.v, you run around the house, madly turning on the radio or t.v to the station that they're on and turn it up to maximum volume.

477. Everyone with a tatoo resembles a member of Good Charlotte and you find yourself running down the street after a stranger screaming "BENJI COME BACK!!!".

478. When you do nothing but watch Not Another Teen Movie just to see Joel up-close for 3 wonderful seconds !

479. You scream at the people that think Benji loves them cuz ya know that Benji loves you.

480. When you have to write an essay on "the best spring vacation ever" you choose Benji's bedroom then get in trouble and choose his house instead.

481. When you start tell your friend not to talk to you without using lines from Good Charlottes songs.

482. When you give stickers out to everyone that passes you on a busy street.

483. When you force your dog Cash to morph itself to look like the real Cash.

484. When you converted everyone of your classmates in the class to vegetarians and made your teacher listens to Good Charlotte songs AND play Good Charlotte's songs on the school's PA system right before the national anthem!

485. You go to a concert dressed in a wedding dress and have a sign that asks Joel to Marry him.

486. You have fantasy's of marrying one of them!

487. When you have watched the DVD 4 times the first day you get it ~w/o any distractions~ and make all your friends watch it at least twice when they come over!

488. When you kill a security guard to get backstage to meet them.

489. When you cancel the payments to your sponser child which benefit his whole AIDS infected village just before they can finish building their well; only so as you could afford foxtel and be able to watch "All Things Rock".

490. When you ask all your friends ridiculous questions about the band members, like: "Do you think your mum would let billy sleep over?"

491. When you are dating a guy who looks just like Billy.

492. When you make a copy of this list and send it to everyone you know, with the phrases that apply to you are highlighted.

493. When you are in a Hot Topic store and when a GC song comes on you start to bob your head and play air guitar and the person who works there asks you if you are ok!

494. When you wont answer to anything but Mrs. Madden or Sickgrl or Lil Billy's Grl or St. Pauls Grl or anything other then something to do with Good Charlotte and when you spend all you lunch period explaining the need for Good Charlotte in this world.

495. When you kiss your posters and pretend they're kissing you back.

496. When you dream about them everynite and you wake up crying because you dont want it to be over or your crying because one of the boys was crying.

497. When you write the lyrics all over your homework then turn it in!

498. When you feel all tingly inside whe never someone mentions Good Charlotte.

499. When you swear to your Good Charlotte poster that as soon as you can drive you will run away and be a groupie or go live in Waldorf and go to La Plata.

500. When you start stealing your brothers socks just because you heard Benji steals Joels.

501. When you continuously sing the same song over and over that your mom gets mad and dumps ice water on you just to get you to shut up.

502. when you make Good Charlotte dolls and share them with your other friends.

503. When you realate at least 1/2 of these things to yourself and specific friends.

504. Go on the internet all day just to find photos of them

505. When you make your boyfriend dye his hair pink, wear the same clothes, and get the same tattoos and peircings as Benji.

506. Everyone on your buddy list has GC or one of the members name in their S/N.

507. When you start to date someone just because they were listening to GC when you met them.

508. When everything you say has to be a quote that Benji once said!

509. When you make the time to actually read this entire list!!!

510. When you yell at your parents for touching anything of yours that is GC related in any way.

511. When you cry every night because you'll NEVER get to meet them!

512. If you heard Benji drank pee and he thought it was applejuice, your new favorite drink would be pee.

513. When you have figured out what calogne they wear and what they wash their clothes with so you can smell like them 24/7.

514. If you search on the internet all weekend just so you can find what kind of black eyeliner Billy wears so you can get it and wear it on monday.

515. When your parents start saying your obsessed and you just say 'no I'm not, your just jealous.'

516. When your 4 year old sister knows all of their songs and says that Joel and Benji are soo hot!!

517. When you get old enough to get a job the 1st thing you do is see if Hot Topic has an opening, & if you get the job you Hope to God one of the guys from Good Charlotte walks in!

518. When you throw a fit in the store cuz your mom wouldn't let you get that magazine that had Good Charlotte on the cover!

519. If you have ever wanted to go on a family vacation to Waldorf Maryland. Benji and Joel's home town!

520. When you e-mail them and ask them to "rescue" you from your life, then ask them to marry you.

521. When you get your GRANDMOTHER liking Good Charlotte in a record of one song.

522. You can say all there name in like 2 seconds or less!!

523. When you refer to your locker as the Billy shrine. (example, Mr.Smith I left my homework in the Billy shri..... I mean my i go get it?)

524.When you turned ur hip-hop rap friend into a gc fan with a picture of Benji and Joel

525. When you turn your whole lifestyle around just to pay attention to them.

526. When you dedicate your life to Good Charlotte... and would die for Billy, Joel, Benji, Paul or Chris.

527. When you would sell blood to get money for GC concert tickets.

528. When you know everything that is going to happen in a music video by GC and when it is going to happen.

529. I would jump out of a window naked just to give one of them a hug!!!

530. You try steal good charlotte posters off the walls of music stores.

531. During math class you make Good Charlotte formulas such as: BM2+J=Hx3 or BM+BM2+J+P+C-D-A=hot5=GC... and your Good Charlotte friends no exactly what they mean.

532. On the last day of school awards you got a trophy saying "The biggest GC fan ever".


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