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  • Formed in 1987
  • Went to 28 college campuses across the United States for the College Campus Tour with Sugar Ray.
  • John was a plumber
  • John's favorite pizza toppings are barbeque chicken, basil, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, sausage, and onions
  • John was playing in a band with Robby's cousin, Paul, in "The Beaumonts". Then that band died out. And Robby and John started their own band with George Tutuska.
  • John has a dog named Chloe
  • John has four older sisters (Phyllis, Fran, Glad, Kate)
  • John became an orphan by the age of 16
  • John's moms name was Edith, dad's name was Joe
  • John grew up in east Buffalo (which he calls "Polakville")
  • John's Ex-wife is Laurie
  • John claims that if his house was burning and he could only save one thing, it would be his dog Chloe
  • Robby grew up in Buffalo, New York
  • Robby likes screaming
  • Before the Goos, Robby was in several cover bands, including a punk band called the Monarchs (with George, the Goos former drummer)
  • Robby was the lead singer for the Goos long before Johnny took the spotlight
  • Mike grew up in south Florida
  • Mike doesn't like talking much, but is atheletic
  • Mike likes running.
  • Mike bought the first Goo Goo Dolls CD when it was released, and was a big fan long before he was in the band


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John Joseph Theodore Rzeznik
Born December 5, 1965 (Sagittarius)

Robby Takoc
Born September 30, 1964 (Libra)

Mike Malinin
Born October 10, 1967 (Libra)