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Foo Fighters Facts...
  • Save has a new project called probot. For it, he wropte and recorded the bass, drum, and guitar parts for several new tunes. He then sent these instrumental versions to various singers asking them to write their own lyrics, title, the tune and record the vocals.
  • left Capitol Records and then was signed to RCA
  • Dave Grohl was the drummer in Nirvana (Most people know that!)
  • Tayler is a fan of rock music
  • bassist Nate Mendel and his girlfriend, Jessica Ballard, can be seen and heard in the independent film 'Our Burden In Light'. The couple are part of the movies ficticious band Bleeder and wrote music for the films score.
  • Dave was fined and had his australian Driving Privileges revoked for drinking and driving...on a scooter
  • Saves mother auditioned to be in the bands videos and got rejected 7 times!!!! She finally got the spot in 'Breakout' but it was only 3 seconds!!!

Dave Grohl:

Favorite Mentos commercial: "The one we parodied [in the "Big Me" video] where the person takes a shortcut through the limosine. After doing that video, we got Mentos thrown at us every night for 2 years and they hurt! I got bruises from them."

Favorite Spring Fling: "I like to go down to North Carolina. I have a beach house down there, its beautiful and there are wild horses running near the coast. And I have a few flings in the spring while down there."

Favorite sky-high thrill: "Those first moments of taking off in a plane is a great feeling. Leaving the ftound and becoming airbourne is something that human beings arnt sopposed to be capable of doing."

Favorite way to travel: "I love driving. I will go on drives where I get on 1 road and take it as far as It will go and eventually find my way home. Its meditative."

Favorite on-tour must have: "My computer. I have a sony Vaio. Im an e-mail junkie - although I never return them, I just get them."


Nate Mendel - bassist
Dave Grohl - singer/guitarist
Taylor Hawkins - drummer


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