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Everclear Facts
  • Art likes to listen to metal with a little finesse, like the Sabbath and the Zeppelin
  • They like to perform AC/DC songs
  • Art Grew up listening to Van Halen, The Beatles, and Elvis Costello
  • Art lives in Portland, but has an apartment in Los Angeles.
  • In late 1997, Greg moved to Los Angeles, California.
  • Craig returned to Portland in 2000 after living in Atlanta.
  • Greg married longtime girlfriend Ellina on July 6, 1997. On August 15, 2000, Art married Stephanie. Craig married Christel on October 24, 1998, but they divorced early in 2000.
  • Many of Alexakis' songs are autobiographical or are rooted in his own life experiences.
  • At a very young age, Alexakis' father walked out on the family, leaving Art, his mother, and his two sisters to fend for themselves. Not long after, financial difficulties forced Alexakis' mother to relocate the family to the housing projects of Mar Vista, California, located in Los Angeles near Culver City.
  • Alexakis' brother George died of a drug overdose when Art was 12. A lyric in the song "Heroin Girl" refers to his mother overhearing a police officer describing his brother's death as "just another overdose."
  • Art's old girlfriend overdosed on drugs and was discovered lying face-down in a sewage ditch.
  • Alexakis attempted suicide by getting stoned, filling his pockets with sand, and jumping off the Santa Monica Pier. He claims the voice of his brother George compelled him to survive.
  • Art attended journalism school for a time, and worked as a music reviewer for The Evening Outlook, a small newspaper in Santa Monica. Eventually, a near-fatal cocaine overdose pushed him to quit drugs cold turkey.
  • After cleaning himself up, Art briefly attended UCLA film school.
  • While Art was living in Los Angeles, he organized a band called Shakin' Brave.
  • In 1992, within a single month, Shindig went bankrupt, Colorfinger disbanded, and Art's girlfriend Jenny became pregnant. Seeking a change of scenery, Alexakis moved to Portland, Oregon. There, he married his girlfriend and had a daughter.
  • The songs "Father of Mine" and "Why I Don't Believe in God" describe Art's difficult youth. "Heroin Girl" and "Color Pit" touch upon the scars left by his drug addictions.
  • Steve Birch was the second guitarist for Everclear during the 97/98 SMFTA tour. He also did the artwork for the White Trash Hell import EP, and assisted Art on the artwork for Sparkle and Fade and So Much for the Afterglow.
  • Everclear appeared in the movies "Committed" (2000) & "Loser" (2000).

1993 - 'World of Noise'
1995 - 'Sparkle and Fade'
1997 - 'So Much For The Afterglow'
2000 - 'Songs from An American Movie Vol 1: Learning How To Smile'
2000 - 'Songs from An American Movie Vol 2: Good Time For a Bad Attitude'

Birthdays: Art Alexakis (Vocals, Guitar): April 12, 1962
Greg Eklund (Drums, Vocals): April 18, 1970
Craig Montoya (Vocals, Bass): September 14, 1970


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