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Facts on EminEm
  • Failed 9th grade 3 times
  • Competed in lunch room rap sessions.
  • He would preform masked and at the end he would take it off to show he was white and left everybody amazed.
  • Detroit Michigan native.
  • He grew up as a poor white boy in a rough, predominatly black neighborhood.
  • He guest stars on one of Missy Elliots cd and also the Wild West soundtrack
  • When Marshal was young, he bounced around from town to town and it was tough for him to make friends as his family moved.
  • Ramona Dorsey is the name of an old neighbor of the Mathers' family
  • Gilberts Lodge is a restauraunt that he used to work at in St. Clair Shores for $5. 50 and hour. His former co-workers recall a
  • His daughter Halie was born on Christmas Day
  • Sold 4 million records in 5 weeks
  • By 15, he dropped out of hight school, but snuck into various school cafeterias for rapping contests called
  • Dr. Dre knew that he had stumbed upon raw talent when he heard em's demo tape in 1997. He tracked em down and in an hours time, they recorded
  • Debbie Mathers-Briggs can be heard on an album by ID-Xy
  • ESPN Acion Sports & Music Awards named EminEm the Music Artist of the Year.
  • Preformed at the Detroit Music Awards and accepted 2 awards (including Outstanding National Album for The Marshal Mathers LP).

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2001 - An EminEm Odyssey

FEBRUARY: During a concert in Manchester, England, EminEm outrages parents and law-enforcement officers by encouraging and simulating the use of ecstacy onstage before a mostly teenage audience.
EminEm and Elton John perform the rapper's song "Stan" at the Grammy Awards. Soon after, Em loses the biggest award of the night-Album Of The Year-to Steely Dan (although he does win Best Rap Album early in the evening). A week later, Em and Elton reunite at the Brit Awards, the UK's Grammy equivalent, where sir Elton presents the rapper with te best International Male Artist trophy. For his performance, Em wears a Friday the 13the-inspired hockey mask and wields a chainsaw, something he did at all of his UK dates. The outraged Swedish manufacturer of ht etool issues a press release: "We make chainsaws for mature people who have genuine forestry work to do."

MARCH: An EminEm action figure (complete with mask, chainsaw and the words "Cut Here" on its neck) is banned by Woolworth stores across the UK. (U.S. specialty stores and record shops will stock the mini Em in August)
After a concert in Daytona Beach, Fla., Em's prohibited from future performances there. "I'm not going to tolerate anybody coming to city-owned property and encouraging the use of drugs." says Mayor Bud Asher. "He would definitely not be welcome back."

APRIL: In a Michigan courtroom, a visible relieved EminEm is sentenced to 2 years' probation in lieu of prison time for carrying a concealed weapon. The case stems from a June 2000 incident outside a Detroit-area nightclub, when the rapper allegedly pistol-whipped a man he saw kissing his esranged wife, Kim Mathers. He's also ordered to undergo counseling and submit to drug testing.

JUNE: D12, which is comprised of EminEm and 5 of his longtime Detroit-area friends, releases its debut album, Devil's Night, on Interscope Records. The first single, "Shit On You"-it's accompanying video features EminEm dressed up as the Aerobics-crazed Richard Simmons and carrying yet anohter chainsaw-is as rude, lewd, and crude as any Slim Shady composition. "Basically, [this song says that] anyone who challenges us, we'll shit on you as MCs. We'll defeat you," EminEm has said.

Image by FlamingText.com

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