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  • Formed in 1990
  • Dave was born in South Africa and grew up in his adopeted hometown of Charlotteville, VA
  • DMB made it's major label debut in 1994 with 'Under The Table and Dreaming'
  • Their first hit single was
  • The bands 1998 album, 'Before These Crowded Streets', has the distinction of toppling the 'Titanic' soundtrack from its looong run at No.1
  • sold 700,000 copies of 'Everyday' its first week
  • 'Everyday' Debut at #1 on Billboard

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Known as the most successful touring band in america (they once hit the road for a year and a half straight), DMB is returning to these crowded streets and arenas with their 4th CD and gone platinum.

Dave Matthews - Vocalist
Stefan Lessard - Bassist
Leroi Moore
Boyd Tinsely - violinist
Carter Beauford - Drummer


STEFAN - 16 year old podigy bassist when the band formed
LEROI - joined the school band in 2nd grade
BOYD - studied history at the University Of Virginia
DAVE - South African vocalist and acoustic guitarist
CARTER - grew up with Leroi Moore