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Crazy Town Facts...
  • They first came out in Winter of '99
  • They toured with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Buckcherry, Methods of Mayhem, and on MTV's Return Of The Rock Tour.
  • Signed on Columbia Records
  • Huge influences are Prince and Nine Inch Nails
  • Epic used to be a DJ and worked as a floor guard at a roller rink.
  • DJ AM can be heard on Papa Roach's Album Infest.
  • this hollywood based rap-rockers released the video for
  • 'The Gift Of Game' went platinum
  • Squrrels favorite drink is Moet and Chandon and he was in a band called Virus 23.
  • The 3rd single was Butterfly
  • Epic produced a lot of rap records before they formed
  • Jay Gordon of the band Orgy, is a good friend of the band.
  • Their first 2 hits was Toxic and Darkside
  • Before the crazy formation, Shifty was living the wild L.A. life as a skater dude. He was also so skilled that he scored a few Levi's commercials.
  • Shifty's dad and uncle designed the devilish angel on the cover of The Gift Of Game.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers are a big inspiration for the band. Chili frontman Anthony Kiedis helped Shifty out during a dark perioud in his life.
  • Epic can bust a few break-dancing moves.
  • The guys tried on a few names for the band but nothing fit like Crazy Town, it really summed up what the group is all about and where they come from.
  • 'Butterfly' has a sampling from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song 'Pretty Little Ditty'.
  • Epic's favorite song to perform is 'Toxic'.
  • The cereal that Epic digs the most is Lucky Charms; Shifty loves Sugar Snaps.
  • Appeared at the ESPN Action Sports & Music Awards.

Crazy Town

Seth "Shifty Shellshock" Binzer - producer/writer/vocalist
Bret "Epic" Mazur - Producer/writer/vocalist
Trouble Valli - guitarist
Craig "Squirrel" Tyler - guitarist
Doug "Faydoedeelay" Miller - bassist
James "JBJ" Bradley JR. - drummer

MAZUR: "How come we pulled off? Cause im telling you - picture scenerio where were physically unable, mentally unable to go out on the road anymore and so anythign except deal with drama and jail and drugs and everything really bad, that was going to destroy all our hopes and dreams for us.


Epic: "When I was in school, I was big on Homer's The Illiad and The Odyssey, which are epic poems."

Trouble: "'Trouble' is a reference to how I used to treat myself. I'm gonna try to stay out of trouble these days."

Squirrel: "I 'squirrel' stuff away. I always like to have what I need-Diet Coke and creamy peanut butter!"

JBJ: "Those are my initials Squirrel and my mom are the only ones who call me James. Actually, Squirrel reminds me of my mom. He dances like her onstage."

Shifty: "When I was younger, my friends were always like, 'You're up to something!' I was a dodgy character.


JBJ: "Faydoedeelay calls his mom every day"

Shifty: "It was between me and Leo [DiCaprio] for that part on Growing Pains. I was really cynical about auditioning. I thought it would ruin my career-I wanted to be a rock star! But Leo was really into it."

Trouble: "Some of the guys are really into Hello Kitty."

Shifty: "Hello Kitty has become my thing. I'm wearing Hello Kitty pj's in the video for Revolving Door. I have no problem with my manliness. I'm already to rugged."

Squirrel: "Beneath that hard exterior, Epic is a very sensitive person. That's warm and fuzzy, isn't it?"

Epic: "Yeah, but I'm not as sensitive as Trouble."